Zuckerberg Reveals What It Would Take To Get Trump Back On Facebook

If there is any hope that former President Donald J. Trump is going to get his social media accounts, it now rests with Facebook’s “Supreme Court.”

In the unprecedented action by the Big Tech censors, Trump had his access to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and all other platforms revoked after former first lady Michelle Obama demanded that the sitting POTUS be permanently banned following the so-called “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol.

When the plug was pulled, there was no timeframe given for if or when Trump may have his right to free speech restored, and now according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the decision is up to the company’s new Oversight Board.

During Thursday’s House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, Zuckerberg washed his hands of him factoring into Trump’s fate by punting the ball to the body which has been referred to as the “Supreme Court” for the largest social media network on the planet.

In response to a question posed by Rep. Billy Long of Missouri asking “If the oversight board decides that Facebook should have left President Trump’s account up, what will you do?” the tech billionaire answered that “Congressman, we will respect the decision of the oversight board, and if they tell us that former President Trump’s account should be reinstated, then we will honor that.”

The board is comprised of nineteen members who have been drawn from an array of international institutions which Facebook has assembled to provide what it refers to as a “global perspective” who are “committed to making principled, independent decisions that are binding on Facebook about important pieces of content” and the ruling on restoring Trump’s account will put their ability to make those decisions without any political bias to the test.

However, some have already pointed out that the Facebook “Supreme Court” is a body that is packed with leftists with some having openly expressed hostility to the former president including Alan Rusbridger, the former editor of the far left UK media organization The Guardian as well as a collection of liberal academics.

Another member, an Australian professor named Nicolas Suzor once enthusiastically tweeted “I love this!” about an article comparing Trump to German dictator Adolf Hitler.

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The idea that Facebook’s Oversight Board could truly be objective met with skepticism over the choice of leftist Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan who was hand-picked as a star impeachment witness by Democrat Adam Schiff and who was forced to apologize for mocking Trump’s youngest son Barron.

Karlan has since stepped down from the Facebook “Supreme Court” to take a job in the Biden administration as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s civil division but that fact that she was even chosen to begin with should call into question the Oversight Board’s ability to be fair instead of merely acting as Zuckerberg’s censorship czars.

With the rest of the tech companies likely to follow Facebook’s ruling, it may ultimately be that Trump’s return to social media will be reliant on launching his own platform, a possibility that was hinted at earlier in the week by senior adviser Jason Miller.