49ers Star Vowed To Shun Trump If Team Won Super Bowl, Plays Key Role In Epic Choke

San Francisco 49ers star cornerback Richard Sherman may want to think twice the next time that he runs his mouth. 

Last week, Sherman became the latest multimillionaire prima donna to inject his personal political views into sports when he all but promised to snub President Trump when the Super Bowl winner is invited to the White House were the Niners to win. 

Now he doesn’t have to worry about it. 

Sherman played a pivotal role in what will go down as one of the greatest choke jobs in Super Bowl history when his 49ers team coughed up a two-score lead that they held midway through the fourth quarter. 

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The Kansas City Chiefs were one play from being dead and buried and the haughty 49ers were already shoveling dirt onto their casket when superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes solved the San Francisco defense with a clutch 44-yard bomb that ignited the comeback.  

Having seized the momentum, Mahomes then went to work and the smack-talking Sherman was absolutely abused on several key plays including this pass to Sammy Watkins. 

Then he was once again burned on the go-ahead touchdown:

When the 31-20 score was in the books and red and gold confetti rained down on players in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, Sherman was wearing a set of well-deserved goat horns and should serve as a cautionary tale for those whose hate for President Trump blinds them to the consequences if they don’t back up their words. 

As for the game itself, score one for flyover country in what could be a omen of what Democrats could expect come November. 

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Even sweeter is that the stunning comeback deprived Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the chance to gloat over her home team’s latest title and to hijack the victory parade to turn it into an anti-Trump political rally. 

In addition to the Super Bowl ring, the young gunslinger Mahomes would win the game’s MVP award despite a performance that was underwhelming until he caught fire late and with a little help from Richard Sherman, delivered the Vince Lombardi to Kansas City fans for the first time in 50 years. 

And one of the nicest guys in sports, KC head coach Andy Reid finally got his title. 

As for Sherman, he is yet another example of the monumental hypocrisy of the left and had no problems visiting the White House back when he was with the Seattle Seahawks and could yuck it up with Barack Obama. 

Better luck next year! 

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