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Jim Jordan Appears On 'Face The Nation' To Break Down The Entire Impeachment Charade

President Trump Praises Stefanik: "A New Republican Star is Born"

Even JAY-Z Is Criticizing Kaepernick's 'Publicity Stunt' Workout

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT - A Clear Choice: President Trump or Rashida Tlaib

Stefanik Responds With Fire & Fury After George Conway Calls Her 'Trash'

Top Liberal Activists Fire Back After Obama Warns Dems From Going 'Too Far Left'

BREAKING: Dems Caught OMITTING Pro-Trump Evidence From New Impeachment Transcript

IRONY: Kaepernick Tells NFL Owners to 'Stop Running' After HE Ditched THEIR Workout

'He Doesn't Want To Play'; Stephen A. Smith Goes OFF On Colin Kaepernick For Bailing On NFL Workout

Mark Levin Goes Nuclear On Democrats, Accuses them of Violating the Constitution

President Trump Trolls Pelosi and "Schitt" in Epic Tweet

Harris Campaign In Complete Downward Spiral

AG Barr Unloads On Democrats, Accuses Them of Sabotaging Trump

Jesse Watters Goes Nuclear On Juan Williams In Heated Impeachment Debate

Tlaib Asked Campaign For Personal Money, Sparks Investigation

Impeachment Focus Group Of Voters Across 9 Major Cities Unveils Bad News For Democrats

Impeachment Witness Compares Herself to Soldiers Who Died in Benghazi

Schiff Refuses to Let Republicans Question Witness During Impeachment Hearing

Schiff Gets Majorly Triggered After President Trump Shreds Impeachment Witness On Twitter

LIMBAUGH: The Democrats' Election Interference Projection

CARLSON & PATEL: What Impeachment Is Really About

Jim Jordan and Adam Schiff Spar As Democrat's Impeachment Hearings Fall Apart

Here's Every Must-See Clip From Friday's Impeachment Hearings So Far

‪Jim Jordan Reveals Real Reason Trump Had Hold On Ukraine Money ‬

CNN Legal Analyst Says Democrats Have a "Problem" With Their Impeachment Inquiry

McCarthy Shreds Schiff For Lying During Impeachment Hearing

Kellyanne Conway Goes OFF On Wolf Blitzer After He Attacks Her Marriage

BREAKING: Comments From Ukrainian Official Destroy Democrat's Impeachment Narrative

Sessions Makes Huge Promise If Elected To The Senate

Don Jr's Book 'Triggered' Hits #1 On The NYT Bestsellers List

AOC Admits Impeachment Is About Preventing Trump's 2020 Re-Election

Dems Push New Charge Against Trump As Impeachment Hearings Fall Flat

Yikes: Nancy Pelosi Reveals What Keeps Her Up At Night

Nunes Stumps Impeachment Witness With 1 Question About Barack Obama

Look who walked through security at the impeachment hearings

Impeachment "Star" Witness Admits That Burisma Should Have Been Investigated

Trump Releases Urgent Video Address To His Supporters During Impeachment Hearings


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