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Trump Blasts "Toxic Propaganda" Taught To Kids That “America Is A Wicked And Racist Nation”

Biden Brain Freeze: ‘I’m Going to Be In… Where Am I Tomorrow?? I’m Traveling Tomorrow’

Latest National Poll Should Have Joe Biden Sweating Bullets

Republicans Call on Leaders to Unveil Motion to REMOVE Pelosi As House Speaker

BREAKING: Fired FBI Director James Comey To Testify

DoJ Explored Options of Charging Local Portland Officials With Crimes Over Riots

Increase in Murders Linked to 'Minneapolis Effect' as Cops Pull Back from Public

Treasury Dept. Monitored 'Suspicious' Foreign Payments to Hunter Biden-Linked Firm in 2016

FBI's Wray Says 'Antifa Is a Real Thing' As He Confirms Several Investigations

NOTICE! Thursday Edition Of TrendingPolitics Live Cancelled

BREAKING: Biden-Ukraine Phone Conversations Leaked, Biden Appears To Violate Logan Act, Undermines Trump

Michelle Obama Claims "Being Black Is A Crime" In America During Interview With Brother

Fox News Has Meltdown, Cuts Off Newt Gingrich For Calling Out George Soros

Chris Rock Unloads On Democrats, Blames Them For COVID Outbreak In the US

President Trump Spikes The Ball As Big Ten Football Announces Return

Strzok Claims He'll Be Remembered as a 'Patriot' Who Defended From Russia

AG Barr: Dem Lockdowns Are The "Greatest Intrusion On Civil Liberties In American History"

Florida Latina Woman Holds Nothing Back: 'I Definitely Think Joe Biden Is A Socialist'

Biden: ‘One of the Things, That, By the Way, This Whole Notion of Dealing with, The Idea… Look’

Juan Throws Temper Tantrum, Claims Trump's Peace Deal Would Cause War

Kayleigh McEnany Backhands The Media For Not Asking About Historic Peace Deal

Joe Biden Compares President Trump To Fidel Castro In Effort To Win Over Latinos

SHAPIRO: Lawn-Sign Virtue Signaling and the Death of Politics

Biden Endorses Michigan Democrat Who Wrote About a 4-Year-Old Wearing A Thong

WATCH: 'The Squad's' Ayanna Pressley Calls to Declare Racism a National Emergency

DESPICABLE: Michigan Secretary of State Misprints Trump Ticket on Ballots For Troops

Analysis: Democrats Are Complicit in the Murder of Our Police Officers

By 2-1 Margin, Americans in 'Riot Zones' Back Trump and Most Say Unrest Changed Their Vote

Report: Billionaires Soros, Steyer, Others Funding 'Insurrection' Against Trump Victory

Trending Politics LIVE! McEnany Destroys Another Reporter For Fake News; Historic Peace Signing; Exposing Fact Checkers

AOC Suggests "We Can Likely Push Biden" Farther Left If He Wins

Mike Ditka Shreds NFL Kneelers In New Interview: “Get The Hell Out Of” America

BREAKING: Senate Committee Issues Subpoenas For Key Obama Officials To Testify Over Russia Origins

EXCLUSIVE: Private Emails With Facebook 'Fact-Checkers' Give Shocking Insight Into What They Decide To Target

Monday Night Football Ratings Drop Closes Out Dismal Week For "Woke" NFL

Trump Jabs "Confused MESS" Drudge As Readers Abandon Iconic Site In Droves

Trump Takes Gloves Off, Responds To Report That Iran Plotted To Kill U.S. Ambassador

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz Reveals If He Would Accept Supreme Court Nomination

Report: Pelosi’s Gamble On Relief Bill Could Costs Vulnerable Dems Their Seats

HERE WE GO: Joe Biden Promises NO Deportations In The First 100 Days Of Presidency

CRINGE: Biden Starts Playing "Despacito" Song Before Speech To Pander To Latino Voters

BREAKING: President Trump Now Says Up To 9 MORE Countries Will Seek Peace With Israel - Including Saudi Arabia!

'We're Here To Change The Course Of History'; Trump Greets Middle Eastern Leaders To Sign Abraham Accords

Leaked Email from DHS Intel Official Proves Antifa is 'Organized,' Not a Leaderless Group

BREAKING: CDC Planning to Violate Trump Order to End 'Critical Race Theory' at Federal Agencies

WATCH: Even Joe Biden Starting To Say 'Harris-Biden Administration'

This Amazing Video Of Tucker Carlson Fishing In Central Park Is Going Viral For All The Best Reasons

Joe Biden Calls For an "Assault Weapons" Ban, Says It Would Save Lives


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