As millions of Americans already know, Joe Biden still has no plan for getting our economy turned around anytime soon. He’s definitely no President Trump.

On Tuesday, Biden said he simply “hopes” inflation will go down in 2023. (Great plan, Joe)

“I hope by the end of next year . . . but I can’t make that prediction. I’m convinced we’re not going to go up. I’m convinced they’re going to continue to go down,” Biden told a reporter as he was leaving the room.


“Inflation is coming down in America,” Biden previously said, offering no plan whatsoever. “Make no mistake, prices are still too high. We still have work to do.”

While Biden might paint a rosy picture of the country during his administration, the reality is that millions of people are hurting due to his policies. Retirement accounts are being wiped out, savings accounts are being depleted, and job losses are rising at historic rate.

And yes, inflation is still sky high:

Will these facts be enough to turn off his loyal supporters? Likely not.


"The Coca Cola company is not happy with me -- that's okay, I'll still keep drinking that garbage" -Donald J. Trump