It looks like Biden is once again experiencing anger issues caused by dementia.

According to a report from Politico, Biden is incredibly displeased at the latest poll results showing that Americans are concerned with his age as he considers a re-election run in 2024.

Here’s what they reported:

Yet Biden has repeatedly declined to say he’s running for reelection. That’s because, yes, he doesn’t want to trigger the Federal Election Committee, which may require him to file organizational paperwork if he was to say definitively he’s running. There’s also the more delicate matter of Biden continuing to say he’s “a respecter of fate” when asked about his plans.

The president has vented to allies about how often his age is mentioned in the press — “You think I don’t know how fucking old I am?” he said to one earlier this year. But who knows what the fates have in store for someone who just turned 80 a few weeks ago.

According to recent polls, more than 60% of ALL voters are weary of Biden’s old age. Here’s the report from IssuesInsight:

In early August, we asked Americans: “Some people are concerned about President Biden’s mental health. How concerned are you about President Biden’s mental health?” At the time, a number of public displays of unsteadiness, confusion, and verbal gaffes seen in the media suggested to many that the nation’s commander in chief’s mental acuity was questionable.

For instance, 59% overall said they were worried about his mental health. The responses included 82% of Republicans, 56% of independents, but just 39% of Democrats.

We asked the same question in our most recent online poll of 1,376 adults across the country taken from October 5-7, with a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points. This time, the overall number grew to 64%, or nearly two-thirds of all voters.

Dr. Ben Carson spoke with the Daily Caller and said that these outbursts of anger are some of the early signs of dementia.

“That’s so typical of people in early stages of decline, to become aggressive and very defensive about who they are,” Carson told the Daily Caller. “It tells you that they know a little bit about what’s going on. They don’t want you to know,” he concluded.


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