In a short video clip, former President Donald Trump teased a “major announcement” that will be revealing on December 15th.

Back in November, Trump announced that he will be running for president again in 2024.

The announcement came in a 15 second video posted to Truth Social on Wednesday. In the video, Trump said that “America needs a superhero” as a graphic of himself in a superhero costume displayed on the video with lasers coming out of his eyes.


Check out what the Post Millennial reported:

Trump’s run for president was announced substantially early for the 2024 election and has launched him into the spotlight for the nomination from the RNC, which is undergoing its own upheaval. Ronna McDaniel, who has served as RNC chair since 2017, is being challenged for her leadership by Harmeet Dhillon, Mike Lindell, and others who want to see a change in the party.

McDaniel and the RNC had promised a “red wave” during the 2022 midterm Congressional elections, but that wave was smaller than anticipated. Though the GOP will have the majority position in the US House come the 2023 Congressional term, they will have limited ability to get legislation passed as the Senate and White House are both controlled by Democrats.

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