You know you’re not doing a good job as president when even your own party is having a hard time rallying behind you and saying that you’re doing a good job. Even if you’re failing on a few points, your party will generally want to rally around you so that it looks better, particularly headed into midterm elections.

Well, Brandon is evidently doing so badly that at least some members of his party are having trouble even pretending to argue that he’s doing well, as we saw when Mark Kelly was asked about how Joe Biden is doing recently. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the hilarious video, Kelly, when asked by the reporter how he thinks Biden is doing, responds not by trying to defend his policies or how the administration has so far done, but rather by saying “It’s not my job to give him a report card.” Sorry, Senator, but it kinda is…you’re a member of his party and voters need to know whether you want more of the same or not, particularly since they, like most Americans, do not.

Blake Masters, the GOP nominee for Arizona’s senate seat in this midterm race, poked fun at Kelly for his response, saying:

Unfortunately for Slow Joe, Senator Kelly isn’t the only one struggling to be positive about the rotting eggplant currently lounging in the White House basement watching Matlock reruns while his handlers destroy the country.

Even far-left AOC, for example, refused to endorse him when asked to do so over the summer. At this point, Brandon’s chief base is the far-left crowd happy with the radical direction America has taken, so that refusal is bad news for him.

Worse news is that voters in his party aren’t too pleased with his administration either. As a late July NPR article admitted:

Biden’s approval rating in the poll is now at 36%. That’s a 4 percentage-point drop from June, and inside the numbers, it’s attributable to a 9-point decline within his own party.

While 75% of Democrats approve of the job Biden is doing, that’s considered low for a president’s own party. Last month, 84% of Democrats said they approved of the job Biden was doing, according to the survey.

[…]For context, Donald Trump’s approval within his party when he was president was never that low in the poll, not even after the Jan. 6 insurrection (77%) or the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist demonstration (76%), at which one person was killed — and whose participants Trump dismissed as “very fine people, on both sides.”

Of course, those examples cited by NPR are ridiculous. The actual transcript of Trump’s Charlottesville speech shows that he wasn’t talking about Nazis when he said there are “very fine people” on both sides and some guy wandering around unarmed in a buffalo hat is hardly an “insurrection.”

Regardless, the quotation from NPR does put Biden’s unpopularity in perspective: despite all those smears thrown his way, Trump was never unpopular as Biden was over the summer. No wonder Mark Kelly doesn’t want to give him a scorecard.

By: Gen Z Conservative