‘ABSURD!’ Expert Rips Democrats’ Claims Over Gun Industry, Firearms Buyers

Because they are not honest, Democrats will never admit that they hate the Second Amendment and that they despise it for the precise reason our founders wrote and ratified it: The Second Amendment ensures the protection and survival of the rest of the Constitution.

Given what the regime is currently trying to do to Donald Trump and his supporters following the Jan. 6 ‘incident’ (let’s just call it that, shall we, now what we know the FBI had ‘operatives’ involved in fomenting it), claiming that it needs new powers to go after those “domestic terrorists,” who doubts that would be inherently easier for Bidenites if all Americans were docile and unamred?

So with that in mind, it should surprise no one that the arguments Democrats make in justifying their relentless (and illegal) attacks on our gun rights are straight-up “absurd,” as one expert has put it.

Just The News has the latest:

Experts are sharply criticizing remarks from Democratic leaders in New York and Virginia about firearms and firearm law amid newly enacted anti-gun legislation in the former state and a heated gubernatorial race in the latter.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed on July 6 that the U.S. gun industry is the “only industry in the United States of America immune from lawsuits,” something he called on Twitter “an insult to victims of gun violence.”

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Cuomo made that declaration ahead of signing a new law in New York that will allow the state to “to bring an action in the [state] supreme court or federal district court” against gun manufacturers if they fail to take steps to ensure that the firearms they manufacture are not used “unlawfully” in the state.

First of all, as usual, this man is lying. He’s likely referring to a 2005 federal law called the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which does protect the gun industry from tyrants like him who want to sue gun makers out of existence because they’ll never get 37 states to agree to repeal the Second Amendment.

But the law does not completely shield gun manufacturers from all liability; they are still liable if they make a faulty product and it harms someone and for other purposes.

Political grifter Terry McAuliffe, who’s running for governor in Virginia again, took to Twitter to argue that “it should be easier to vote than it should be to buy a gun.”

It is easier to vote than it is to buy a gun, especially in his state, as Just The News pointed out:

Virginia — the state legislature and the governor’s office of which are controlled by Democrats — has not passed any notable gun laws or voting reforms as of late. Yet McAuliffe’s remarks were a familiar refrain among Democratic operatives, who have long insisted that purchasing a firearm is easier than voting.

Noted criminologist John Lott called these arguments stupid and “absurd.”

“If he is talking about Virginia, you used to be required to show something like a utility bill [to vote],” Lott said. “But now in Virginia, no proof of who you are is required.”

“To buy a gun not only requires a government-issued photo ID, it requires a background check,” said Lott. “For a private transfer of a gun, the cost of that background check can range from $55 in Oregon to $125 in DC to $200 in NYC. There are no poll taxes on voting in Virginia or any other state.

“As far as the time involved, because the [FBI background check] system breaks down from time to time, it could take [anywhere] from hours to days for you to buy a gun.”

Democrats would literally ditch liberties and freedoms hard-won and hard-kept by generations of Americans if half the country wasn’t well-armed.

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