Adam Schiff Continues His Trump Obsession Even After Biden’s Inauguration

President Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20 and that should be news that brings a smile to the face of Rep. Adam Schiff as much as it brings a frown to ours.

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You would think that he would just be thrilled and talking about the good times ahead, but you would be incorrect as evidenced by his Twitter page.

The California representative who spent Trump’s entire presidency looking for ways to undermine him and have him removed is still obsessing over the 45th president.

On Inauguration Day he started, as you would expect, with congratulations for the new president, but he could not do that sans taking a swipe at his old nemesis.

“For four years, our values and our democracy were under attack. With difficulty, we withstood the assault. But for the first time in a long time, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Today marks the beginning of national renewal. The hopes of a nation are with you, Mr. President,” he said.

How was democracy under attack? What assault was there?

The president was routinely stopped by Schiff and his friends in Congress; and when they could not stop him, they went to their allies on the courts.

Then, no matter what you think of the election, there was a vote and their man won. Where was the assault on democracy? But he went on.

“For four years, intelligence professionals were battered and belittled by a President afraid of the truth. Avril Haines will ensure that politics is kept out of their work, just as it should be. Congratulations, @ODNIgov Director Haines, and look forward to our work together,” Schiff said.

Again he could not congratulate someone on their new job and not take a swipe at former President Trump in the process.

And after the United States, with the guidance of President Biden, committed to rejoining the dreadful Paris Climate Agreement he celebrated by, you guessed it, again going after the former administration.

“With this order, we once again put our faith in science and in our ability to adapt and overcome great difficulties. We rejoin the world in protecting our planet for generations to come. What we do to fight climate change will determine our legacy— Or if we will even have one,” he said.

That was all on Inauguration day. Days later, on Jan 22, he continued making everything about Trump.

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“The brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi was an assault on human rights. But for a year the Trump Admin refused to make public an unclassified report on Saudi Arabia’s culpability. I have asked Director Haines to declassify this report. There must be accountability and justice,” Schiff said.

“Through his lies and provocations, Trump incited a mob to attack the peaceful transfer of power. As House members, we did our job and impeached him. It will soon be time for Senators to do theirs. To protect the country, Trump must be disqualified from any further office” he said in another tweet.

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