Al Sharpton blasts Minnesota rioters destroying 'black-owned stores'

It’s important for people to have their priorities in order, and for legendary race-baiter ‘Rev.’ Al Sharpton, as usual, his lie with defending people who have the same skin color as he does.

As readers likely are aware, parts of Minneapolis went up in flames this week after George Floyd died while being arrested by police for suspected forgery. 


Video of the arrest show a white police officer pinning Floyd to the pavement for several minutes before he passed out and died.

Anger over the incident spread quickly, sparking riots and looting. In fact, it got so out of hand that Gov. Tim Walz had to call in state police and activate 500 National Guard soldiers to quell it.

In the aftermath, scores of businesses were destroyed or completely looted – not just big box stores like Target or chains like Auto Zone, small businesses and so-called ‘mom and pop shops’ that had barely gotten by after being shuttered for weeks thanks to coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders.

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Now, many of them are simply never going to return. These people have lost everything they have in terms of earning a living. Their livelihood is gone. Their futures are in doubt.

It doesn’t matter what the skin color is of those who just lost their businesses. Or at least, it shouldn’t matter.

But it does to Sharpton.

During an appearance on MSNBC, where he remains a host, an agitated Sharpton advised looters that “appearing” to be criminals themselves would not help the cause of justice, warning that people would “exploit” that.

Speaking of exploitation, Sharpton then declared: “As I walked around Minneapolis yesterday . . . some of the stores that are being damaged are black-owned stores! So we cannot become so reckless that we are destroying each other in our rage.”

The takeaway is that burning down and looting white- or Asian- or Hispanic-owned businesses is okay. Just don’t burn down those belong to ‘our people.’ Got it.

But then NBC’s Shaquille Brewster reported that “all” of the protesters were opposed to violence. That is, all of them who weren’t actually committing violence.

“The question now is how you deal with that outrage to where you get the results you’re looking for, which is a fair criminal justice system. And you don’t do it by appearing to be criminal yourself. We are not the ones that inflict the pain. We are the ones that have been pained,” Sharpton said during his “Morning Joe” appearance.


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“And our reaction must show that, and highlight that. Otherwise, people will exploit that and change the focus into demonizing those that conduct themselves in a violent way, rather than those that are saying, as the Floyd family is saying, we want justice,” Sharpton continued. 

“They’ve said very clearly — I’ve talked to the Floyd family, and they’ve said very clearly and publicly: we want to see justice. We understand the outrage, but we do not want to see violence,” he said.

“The other thing I might add here, Joe, is that as I walked around Minneapolis yesterday with Ms. Carr [mother of Eric Garner] and some of the ministers and elected officials, some of the stores that are being damaged are black-owned stores! So, we cannot become so reckless that we are destroying each other in our rage.”

Just reckless enough to destroy businesses owned by non-blacks.