Alan Dershowitz Completely Debunks New Dem Witness In Series Of Tweets

The Democrats kicked off their highly partisan House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings on Wednesday, using anti-Trump lawyers and professors to make their bogus impeachment case.

Left-wing lawyer Norm Eisen was selected to do the questioning for the hearing. According to the Daily Caller, “Eisen is a co-founder of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and served in the Obama administration before joining the Brookings Institution. He is also a frequent CNN commentator.” Not only that, but Eisen as also a proud member of the “resistance.”

Not only is the main lawyer a left-wing democrat, but the “witnesses” are too. One of these “witnesses” was Democratic Professor Pamela Karlan who of course argued for impeaching the President.

Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz clearly wasn’t buying it considering he shredded her in a series of tweets.

“Professor Carlin’s partisanship was evident in her testimony. Would she have made the arguments she made if Hillary Clinton had been elected and were being impeached on similar grounds ? Does she pass the “shoe on the other foot” test? (1 of 2)” he tweeted.

He continued: “Hamilton said the greatest danger is that impeachment would be used in a partisan manner. This is the first time in our history that impeachment may be voted along partisan lines.”

Another far-left professor who was invited to the hearing was Professor Michael Gerhardt who said if congress fails to impeach President Trump, then ‘process has lost all meaning.’

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Dershowitz made sure to hammer him as well: “Professor Gerhardt is wrong in arguing that a president can be impeached for insisting that the courts resolve conflicts between the legislative and executive branched. Our system of checks and balances permits a president to resist congressional subpoenas if he believes that the information sought is privileged. It is the function of the judicial branch to resolve such disputes,” he tweeted.

The Daily Caller highlights more of the extreme political bias from these professors:

The Democrats’ witness list also raises questions about potential bias against the president, as two out of the three witnesses they called are, in additional to being constitutional lawyers, Democratic donors. Pamela Karlan has donated over $10,000 to numerous Democratic candidates, such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Doug Jones, while Michael Gerhardt donated $1000 to Barack Obama in 2007.

The New York Times describes Karlan as a “legal leader to progressive causes,” pointing out that she is on the board of the “left-leaning” American Constitution Society and that she signed a letter in 2016 from constitutional law scholars expressing “concerns” about Trump’s rhetoric. Gerhardt, meanwhile, worked on Al Gore’s Senate campaign and helped with Bill Clinton’s transition team.

The third Democratic witness, Noah Feldman, a Harvard Law professor, has called for a special counsel to investigate Rudy Giuliani’s actions in Ukraine and warned that Attorney General Bill Barr could become a “target”of the probe.

Republicans, meanwhile, chose George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley as their lone witness during Wednesday’s proceedings. Turley is a frequent legal commentator on cable news and has been open to impeachment if warranted but skeptical of the Democrats’ arguments for removing Trump.

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