Appeals Court Makes Big Decision About Biden Pausing Oil And Gas Drilling On Federal Lands

According to a brand new report from Newsmax, a federal appeals court has sided with the Biden administration, allowing the president to continue the moratorium on new oil and gas leasing on lands that are owned by the government.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the price of gas is going to stay swirling around in the atmosphere. The best solution to the high cost of fuel and energy is to reduce dependence on foreign sources, cultivating our own here at home. This is something the Biden administration is totally against, supposedly for the sake of the environment, but in reality, it’s all part of the leftist scheme to redistribute wealth.

“The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday threw out a lower court’s order that would have stopped the administration’s moratorium, according to court documents, the Newsmax report said.

The states themselves created a case that argued the policy would cause injury, according to the legal documentation. And that’s true. Just imagine how many jobs would be created if we were to increase our own oil and gas production. The economy would be stimulated in a massive way, paving the road for serious economic recovery.

“The 5th U.S. Circuit Court determined that the District Court Western District of Louisiana’s directive does not specifically outline what the administration is and is not permitted to do,” the report said.

The appeals court then sent the case back to a Louisiana district court to tackle the procedural issue before the case can move forward.

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“We cannot reach the merits of the Government’s challenge when we cannot ascertain from the record what conduct — an unwritten agency policy, a written policy outside of the Executive Order, or the Executive Order itself — is enjoined,” the three-judge panel went on to write.

“Our review of (Administrative Procedure Act) claims must begin by determining if there was final agency action. Where, as here, it is unclear what final agency action the district court predicated its order upon, we are unable to reach the merits of the appeal,” the panel continued.

Back in April, Biden and his administration made the announcement that they would resume leasing sales for oil and gas drilling on federal land, while also drastically cutting back on the acreage that was available for the leases. That’s not all. The administration also raised the rate of royalties on the oil and gas produced.

During that period of time, Biden and his minions were feeling the heat to take action to address the high gas prices the U.S. was dealing with.

“In January 2021, his first week in office, Biden suspended all drilling on new oil and gas leases. He stated that the suspension should be implemented ‘pending completion of a study and reconsideration of oil and gas permitting and leasing practices,’ according to the presidential order,” the report concluded.

It’s always about money and control. The federal government wants to have more control over the means of production while also having a way to raise money to fund more projects and programs. What better way to do that than through the creation of more and more regulations on big corporations, all in the name of saving the planet?

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