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Swalwell Gets Trolled for Twitter Post About His Two Favorite Flags

Obama Judge Blocks Trump's Border Wall Funding

Trump Goes on the Offensive: "We're Exposing Everything"

Actor Jon Voight Compares Trump to One of the Greatest Presidents in History

Nervous Comey Lashes Out At Trump In Desperate Tweet

Feinstein Had Private Dinner with Iranian Prime Minister, Then Lied About it

Los Angeles Takes Intolerance To New Level; Implements Travel Ban to Alabama

'The View' Gets Triggered After Trump Delays Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Release

Jerry Nadler Passes Out at Press Conference, Taken to Hospital

President Trump Goes on the Offensive, Accuses Comey, McCabe and Strzok of "Treason"

Trump Gives AG Barr the Green Light to Release Docs Related to Campaign Spying

Report: Young People Are Blaming Climate Change For Their Small Savings Accounts

Anne Hathaway Gets Racial; Trashes "White Women" For Their Role In Alabama Abortion Law

New Documents Exposes Biden For Getting Tons Of Money From Foreign Oligarchs

It's Official: Bernie Just Went All-In On Impeaching President Trump

Ben Carson Responds Perfectly After Ilhan Omar Mocks Him For Looking "Sleepy"

Ilhan Omar Trashes Americans, Calls Them "Ignorant"

Rachel Maddow's Ratings Plummet to an All Year Low

Trump Hammers Pelosi, Democrats in Rose Garden Speech

Judge Who Ruled Trump Must Turn Over Financial Records Was Obama Donor

REPORT: Mueller Reluctant to Testify On Russia Probe

Robert De Niro Booed After Giving Anti-Trump Speech

Democrats Pressuring Pelosi to Start Impeachment Proceedings Against President Trump

Loretta Lynch Accuses Comey Of Lying, Says She Didn't Call Clinton Probe a "Matter"

Joe Biden Takes Credit For Trump's Booming Economy

Trump: Bernie Sanders' Race is Over, He 'Is History'

Former AG Holder Slams AG Barr: “He is Not Fit to Lead DOJ”

Gillibrand: Illegals Should Be Let Out Into the Community

RNC Brings In Record Number of Donations for the Month of April

Bill Maher Accuses AG Barr of Being in the “Cult of Catholicism”

President Trump Calls For Probe Into Biden-China Business Dealings

Trump Hammers GOP Rep. Who Called for His Impeachment: Justin Is a Loser

Trump Jr. Tells Comey in Tweet: 'You Sound Scared'

De Blasio Pulls In a Crowd of 18 During Campaign Stop

Bill Maher Guest Says President Trump Should Be Murdered By the Saudis

Pete Buttigieg Compares Christianity to Radical Islam

James Comey Hammers AG Bill Barr in Unhinged Tweet

Tomi Lahren Trashes Alabama Anti-Abortion Legislation

New Addition May Stop Illegals From Climbing Border Wall

Trump Pulls Nearly $1 Billion Away From California

People In AOC's District Were Asked About Socialism. Here's Their Response

President Trump Accuses the FBI Of Treason, Calls For ‘Long Jail Sentences’

President Trump Unveils New Merit Based Immigration Plan

Twitter Users Unload On Bernie For Saying 'Abortion Is A Constitutional Right'

Reese Witherspoon Is 'Beyond Upset' About New Abortion Bans

New Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Losing Major Ground With Young Voters

Nikky Haley Goes Off On Rep. Omar In Viral Tweet

FBI Used Info From Clinton Ally To Support Steele Dossier

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