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Instead Of Apologizing For Comments, Omar Says She 'Suffered' Because Of 9/11

Trump Tells Kavanaugh Exactly What He Should Do After New Allegations Surface

Lindsay Graham Teases Bombshell Steele Revelation

Romney Announces His Endorsement Plans For 2020

AOC Flips Out Over Climate Change; Says Miami WON'T EXIST In A Few Years

O'Rourke Bizarrely Claims That Texans WANT To Give Him Their Guns

Michael Moore & Bill Maher Clash Over Dem Party; 'Trump Would Win If El-Election Were Tonight"

Ted Cruz Gives Trump Dire Warning About 2020 Election

Trump Confirms US Airstrikes Have Killed Bin Laden's Son

Ouch: Biden Gets Called Out On His Age By Castro

Biden Suffers From Gaffes, Memory Problems and More During Dem Debate

Sanders Falsely Claims that the US Has The Highest Child Poverty Rate In The World

Biden Calls Himself 'Congressman' During Dem Debate

Pelosi Admits Impeachment Is 'Divisive' But Says She Will Go There Anyway If She Has To

Trump Makes Bold Prediction About Who Will Win Dem Nomination

Beto O'Rourke: ‘Hell Yes’ We’re Going To Take Americans’ Guns

House Panel Officially Approves Impeachment Probe

BREAKING: U.S. Attorney Recommends Charging McCabe

Gorsuch Gives Perfect Response After Reporter Tries To Get Him to Slam Trump

Condi Rice Hammers NBC Host After Asked If Russia Helped Trump Win in 2016

Trump Campaign Pays For Flying Banner Slamming Socialism For Democratic Debate in Houston

Supreme Court Delivers Massive Victory For President Trump

OUCH: Rachel Maddow Gets Sued By Conservative Network for Defamation

Ocasio-Cortez Complains About Her Student Debt Even Though She Makes $175k Per Year

CNN On 9/11: 'Right-Wingers Are America's Deadliest Terrorists'

HYPOCRITE! Alyssa Milano Just Admitted She Owns TWO GUNS

Omar Gets Blasted During 9/11 Memorial; 'Some People Did Something?'

TRUMP STRONG: POTUS Threatens Terrorists During 9/11 Speech

Ginsburg Shocks Liberals Over AOC's Demand To Abolish the Electoral College

Trump Takes Victory Lap After Huge North Carolina Win

NYT Ignores Terrorists, Says 'Airplanes Took Aim At World Trade Center' On 9/11

BOOM: Trump Just Bombed The Living Hell Out Of ISIS-Held Island

After O'Rourke's Constant Cursing, DNC Has to Warn Candidates to Not Swear During Debates

Rand Paul Finally Speaks Out After Trump Fires Bolton

BREAKING: Leaked Letter Shows How Democrats Are "Coaching" Illegal Migrants

Gabbard: Democrats' Identity Politics Is Just For 'Selfish, Political Gain'

SICK! ‘Angel Mom’ Booed While Testifying About Son Killed By Illegal Alien

President Trump Hammers Obama During North Carolina Rally

Liberals Hold ‘Impeach Trump’ Event; You'll Never Believe How Many People Attended

BREAKING: Trump Fires National Security Advisor John Bolton

Senate Dems Refuse To Mention Radical Islam At 9/11 Hearing

Ilhan Omar Said 3 Words That Left Every American Red With Rage

AG Bill Barr Puts Final Nail In The Coffin Of This Awful Obama Policy

OUCH! Cory Booker's OWN GIRLFRIEND Refuses To Endorse Him

Illegal Border Crossing Nosedive After Trump/Mexico Deal

O'Rourke: When We Confiscate Guns, Americans Will Gladly Comply

Trump Lifts Historic Number Of Americans Off Food Stamps

Don Lemon Tells Black Voters Not To Vote For Trump Because Of Economy