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Here Are the 17 Inaccuracies and Omissions in the FISA Report

BREAKING: US Attorney John Durham Disputes Conclusions Made in IG Report

Biden Turns On Obama, Says He "Lacked" In Foreign Policy

Bloomberg's Damaging Gun Control Comments Surface

Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Move To Resume Federal Execution

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New Swing State Poll is Devastating to 2020 Democrats

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Protester Interrupts Nadler: ‘You’re The One Committing Treason!’

Pelosi Campaign Selling Cringeworthy T-shirts After Tussle With Reporter

Jerry Nadler Reveals When Dems Could Vote On Articles Of Impeachment

Republicans Unveil Measure To Block 2020 Dems From Senate Impeachment Trial

Ann Coulter Says These 3 GOP Senators May Vote To ‘Convict Trump’

Nadler Vows to Keep Impeachment Out of Courts to Speed Up Impeachment Process

Graham: Impeachment Trial In the Senate Will End "As Quickly As Possible"

Ted Cruz Goes Nuclear on MSNBC's Chuck Todd

Trump Opens Up About Giuliani's Trip to Ukraine: "I Hear He's Found Plenty"

AOC Taunts Amazon After Blocking Them From New York, But Fails To Mention Key Detail

Nunes Vows to Pursue Legal Action Against Schiff For Exposing Phone Records

Nadler: 2020 Election May Not Be 'Fair' If Trump Is Acquitted

Nadler Impeachment Report: Trump Can Be Impeached For 'Motives' Without Breaking the Law

Joe Biden Babbles About Stacking Spaghetti Sauce During Iowa Speech

Judge Jeanine: Pelosi And Dems Just Guaranteed Trump Reelection In 2020

Al Green Wants to Impeach Trump to "Deal With Slavery"

You Decide: Did Biden Use a Racial Slur by Saying "Roaches"?

Biden Breaks with Dem Base, Brags About Deporting 3 Million People

Elizabeth Warren Gives Weak Apology For Pretending to be Native American

Mayor Pete Suggests All Trump Supporters Are Racists

Turncoat Justin Amash Will Join Democrats To Impeach President Trump

Lindsey Graham On FISA Report - 'The Day Of Reckoning Is Here'

AOC Makes A Claim So False Even The Media Just Called Her Out

Schiff: Trump “Doesn’t Give a S*** About What’s Good for our Country.”

The Tides Turn: Liberal News Commentator Turns On Biden After Outburst

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Turns On Democrats in Shocking Move

TOTAL LUNACY: Dem Congressman Pushes For Trump To Be Impeached ‘More Than Once’

Liberals Melt Down On Twitter After Realizing All Top Dem Candidates Are White

CARLSON & PATEL: Impeachment Charade -- Faculty Lounge Edition

BUCHANAN: Democrats' Diversity -- Only in the Back of the Bus

BREAKING: Big Impeachment Claim By Dems Falls Apart

Bernie Goes ALL IN On Abortion; Says It's A "Constitutional Right"

BREAKING: 266,000 Jobs Added In November. Unemployment Reaches 50-Year Low At 3.5%

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Right Side of History

Trump-Hating Leftists Are No Friends of the Constitution

Dem Congressman Has Dire Warning For His Party

Pelosi Loses It After CNN Asks About Impeachment

Joe Biden Reveals If He Would Testify In Impeachment Hearings