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Biden: I Would Like Michelle Obama to be my Vice President

BREAKING: LA Times Confirms Feinstein Is Leaning Toward ACQUITTING Trump

BREAKING: Trump Unveils Historic Middle East Peace plan

Betting Odds Show There's A New Favorite To Secure Dem Nomination

Dershowitz Lists Every President That Would Be Impeached by Dems' Standards

Rand Paul: Trump Should Sue Chuck Schumer for Defamation

Project Veritas Releases More Damaging Videos From Bernie Staffers; 'It's Gonna Take Militancy'

Ivanka Trump Unloads On CNN For Mocking Trump Supporters On Live TV

BOMBSHELL: Biden's Sister Sent Campaign Funds to Her Own Consulting Firm

Tucker Carlson Goes Nuclear on John Bolton

Smug CNN Panel Mocks Trump Supporters Using 'Redneck' Accents; 'Boomer Rube Demographic'

FLASHBACK: John Bolton Admitted He Would Lie If It Pertained To 'National Security'

House Impeachment Manager Slips Up, Reveals Why Dems Want Trump Gone Now

Two Senate Dems Signal They’ll Likely Vote To Acquit Trump

Graham Backtracks, Joins Romney In Supporting Dems Plan For Witnesses

Joe Biden Says DACA Recipients Are More American Than You

Romney Boasts That Other Republicans Will Side With Dems Over Bolton

Ted Cruz Unloads On Reporter Who Compares Hunter Biden to His 9 and 11 Year Old Kids

Mark Levin Goes Nuclear on GOP Senators Who Are Thinking About Siding With Dems

MSNBC Host Apologizes for Saying 'N' Word on Air, Gets Shredded

HUGE: FBI & ICE Step Up Investigation Into Rep. Omar Marriage

WH Press Secretary Speaks Out on the Timing of Bolton Leak

Pete Buttigieg Shames Woman For Her Pro-Life Views, Says She is Not Welcome

President Trump Shreds Bolton Over New Ukraine Claims

GOP Senators Eyeing Quick Acquittal 'As Soon as Friday' After Witness Vote

Joe Biden’s $1.5 Billion Dollar Secret Just Went Public

Report: Here's Much Of YOUR Money Dems Wasted On Impeachment Probe

Trump’s Approval Skyrocketed While Dems Bored Everyone With Impeachment Arguments

Pelosi Reveals Who Will Give Dems Response To Trump’s State Of The Union Address

Dems Demand Bolton Testimony After NY Times Publishes Leaked Book Excerpt

WaPo Reporter Deletes Her Slanderous Kobe Bryant Tweets, But Screenshots Live Forever

Impeachment Witness Says Trump's Defense in the Trial is "Sophisticated" and "Brilliant"

Pompeo Shreds NPR Reporter After She Accuses Him of Yelling at Her

Here is the 6-point Case that Trump's Legal Team Gave Against Dems Accusations

BREAKING: GOP Senator Drafts Subpoenas for Bidens and Schiff

President Trump Sends Heartwarming Tweet To Kobe Bryant's Family; 'He Was Just Getting Started In Life'

Twitter Unleashes The Wrath Of God On WaPo Reporter Who Slandered Kobe Minutes After His Death

BREAKING: President Trump Reacts To Kobe Bryant's Tragic Death

BREAKING: Kobe Bryant Has Tragically Died In Helicopter Crash

Cancel Culture Mob Comes For Bernie After Controversial Endorsement

Romney Wants Witnesses Before Trump Defense Team Has Even Finished Their Case

In Another Blow To Biden, Top Iowa Newspaper Endorses Liz Warren

Doomsayer AOC Campaigns For Bernie, Decries America As 'Nation In Decline'

COHEN: The Rampant Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party

ALLYN ROOT: Mexico Is Paying for Trump's Wall

CNN's David Axelrod Has 'Chilling' News For Democrats About Impeachment

Sanders Complains About Impeachment Trial After Supporting Impeachment for Years

Trump Legal Team Confirms They WILL Target Bidens in Testimony