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MORE VIOLENCE! MSNBC's Chris Hayes Suggests Trump Supporters Be ‘Confronted and Destroyed’

These Minority Women For Trump Have A Bold Message For the Progressive "Squad"

Comical: Democrats Start Petition To Ban Trump Rallies

95% of Migrant Children Have Been Reunited With Their Families Under President Trump

REPORT: Trump Has Raised More Money In California Than Most Democrat Candidates

Trump Slams Ilhan Omar for "Staged" Welcoming In Minnesota

Cruz and Cassidy Promote Bill To Label Antifa As A Terror Organization

Dem Rep Ends, Runs Away During Interview When Asked About Failed Impeachment Vote

WATCH: Tucker Risks It All, Unveils New Allegations About Omar’s Marital History

Comey Comes For Trump Supporters, Smears Them With Disgusting Insult

House Dems Stun, Vote With GOP To Eliminate Obama's Radical 'Cadillac Tax'

House Dems Pass Radical Bill; McConnell Declares It’s Dead On Arrival In Senate

President Trump Keeps His Word, DEFUNDS Top Liberal Organization

Lock Him Up? Top Dem Suggests Violence Against Trump; ‘Punch Him In The Face’

Joy Behar Has Meltdown, Says Trump Should Face Criminal Charges For "Send Her Back" Chant

Trump Denounces "Send Her Back" Chant At MAGA Rally, Media IGNORES Completely

Trump Unloads On Ocasio-Cortez for Calling America "Garbage"

Trump GOES OFF After Failed Impeachment Vote

House Democrats Turn On “The Squad,” Give Trump The Victory

CNN: Trump’s “Go Back” Comments Are Politically Brilliant

Trump Calls Out Omar, Talks About Her Marriage To Her Brother

Judge Delivers Some Bad News To Jeffrey Epstein

Trump Goes Nuclear, Brings Up Allegations That Omar Married Her Brother

Shocking Poll Reveals Who Americans Agree With In Feud Between Trump And ‘The Squad’

Trump Made 1 Bold Move Against Pelosi That Could Guarantee His Re-Election

After Biden Plunges In Polls, Bookies Reveal New Candidate Likely To Take On Trump In 2020

Rush Goes Public, Reveals Man Behind Scenes Who Actually Controls The ‘Socialist Squad’

Trump UNLOADS On Progressive “Squad” During Live Rally

Ben Carson Comes To The Defense Of Trump In A BIG Way

Trump Gets SHOCK Poll Numbers After "Controversial" Tweets

Kellyanne Conway Goes Nuclear On AOC Squad

GOP Senator Slams ‘The Squad’: They’re The Reason We Have Directions on Shampoo Bottles

Pelosi Announces That ‘MAGA’ Means Make America White Again

Watch What Happens When CNN Tries To Convince GOP Women That Trump is Racist

GOP Lawmaker Offers To Pay For 'Squad' To Leave America ... Under 1 Condition

COWARDS: These 4 Republicans Betrayed Trump, Voted With Dems To Condemn POTUS

Pelosi Briefly Banned From Speaking After Breaking House Rules To Attack Trump

Sickening! Omar Laughs After Being Asked About Violence Against ICE Agents

Rush Takes Huge Risk To Expose Bombshell About Ilhan Omar; ‘Nobody Has The Guts To...’

Trump Hammers AOC and Ilhan Omar Over Comments Made About 9/11

Trump Speaks Out: I Don’t Have A Racist Bone In My Body

Schumer Announces Support For Slave Reparations Bill

Omar Totally Ignores Mueller’s Findings, Says Trump Definitely Colluded With Russia

House "Squad" Give Hysterical Press Conference, Call For Trump’s Impeachment

Allen West Says Pelosi Committed Treason, Should Be REMOVED For What She Did

Glenn Beck Exposes 1 Trick Dems Using To ‘Steal’ 2020 Election From Trump

Man Who Tried Bombing ICE Center Left Manifesto With Shocking Reference To AOC

Trump Scores Major Advantage That Could Tip The 2020 Election

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