As 'Woke' Leftists Topple Confederate Statutes, Monument to Greatest Enslaver in History Remains in Seattle

As the Marxist culture war continues to rage across blue-state America and ‘woke’ ‘protesters’ deface monuments and topple statues that honor the Confederacy, an idol to the 20th century’s biggest enslaver remains safely ensconced in one of the bluest cities in blue-state America: Seattle.

In a Frontpage Magazine column, Daniel Greenfield recounts the history of Marxist/Soviet/Chinese forced labor camps, where tens of millions of people guilty only of “wrongthink” or of simply being outsiders in authoritarian political systems were sentenced for decades, watching their lives – figuratively and otherwise – be stolen from them by intolerant tyrants who would feel very much at home in today’s Democrat Party.


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What’s more, despite America’s stained slavery past, what occurred on our soil in the 18th and 19th centuries was nothing close to what happened throughout the 20th century in places like the USSR and, to another degree, China:

Under 400,000 slaves were brought to America. Those enslaved African people represented only 3.6% of the transatlantic slave trade. By the Civil War, there were under 4 million black slaves in America.

Over 20 million people were imprisoned by Soviet leftists in the gulag system.

"Gulag labor was murderous with prisoners sent to work in uranium mines or to labor outdoors chopping trees and digging canals in subzero weather with little food and less protection. At one gulag, prisoners labored in uranium mines, breathing in radioactive dust, and dying within two years of cancer and leukemia. The sick were then used for medical experiments by Socialist medicine before they died," he added. "These horrors were not some relic of the Stalin era, but were being carried out as recently as the 1970s."

Greenfield goes on to point out that the factually incorrect “1619 Project” at the New York Times, which of course was widely lauded by Leftists everywhere, was the latest product of deceit from a paper that continually sided with Hitler and Stalin and the Soviets, even as modern-day slave labor toiled away.

"While the Left demands that America make a reckoning for 19th century slavery, its leading figures, from Bernie Sanders to Noam Chomsky, were apologists for socialist slavery, and its leading institutions, from the New York Times to the Pulitzer Institute, both promoters of the 1619 Project, were complicit in covering up slavery and mass murder by their socialist allies in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," he wrote.

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And today, while Confederate monuments fall, a statue of Vladimir Lenin, who “set up the system of gulags that eventually enslaved and killed millions,” remains standing tall and proud in Seattle.

That it remains "is a testament to the reality that the Left has made no reckoning with its history of slavery. It has not repented of its crimes against millions of people,” Greenfield writes.

While the institution of slavery was an abomination, Americans, at least, disposed of the tyranny of forced bondage more than a century-and-a-half before the Left’s idols.