AWKWARD: Biden’s Press Secretary Psaki Embarrassingly Unprepared for Press Conference, Stumped By Simple Question

During a press conference on Friday, President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki had an extremely embarrassing moment when she was stumped by a simple question from a reporter. Psaki was clearly unprepared for the press conference.

Over the past week, whenever Psaki has been confronted with a “difficult” question, she tells the reporters that she will “circle back” with them but has consistently failed to do so.

On Friday, Psaki was asked to follow up on a question that was previously asked. Things got a bit awkward.

“Does the White House support that request?” asked a reporter while urging Psaki to follow up on a previous question relating to COVID vaccination centers.

“Uh… I did ask our team about this. You or someone else asked about this the other day and I think I have something on it here… One moment,” said Psaki as she spent the next 30 seconds flipping through papers, awkwardly unable to find what she was looking for.

“Thanks for your patience… Lots to say about COVID…. No doubt about it,” Psaki said as she failed to come up with an answer. “Um… so… mmmmm… Let me, let me, let me talk to our team about it.”

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The entire Biden administration appears to be a fumbling, mumbling mess.

While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Biden delivered remarks relating to health care as he ironically failed to make it through the speech without fumbles and constant coughing.

“Uh, uh the second order I am going to be signing also changes what the president [Trump] has done, the president, the former president has done,” Biden started as he attempted to read off of his notecards on what he was signing.

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“And it uh, a memorandum reverse be my predecessors attack on women’s health,” Biden barely said as he let out a disgusting cough. He finished his comments off with a nasty raspy voice.

“Excuse me… Health access. And um, as we continue to battle COVID-19.”


Joe Biden is not well.

While signing executive orders on Tuesday, Biden had yet another “cognitive decline moment” when he mumbled to himself while he tried to find a place for his pen.

“Wait a minute..tryin to put my pen away here,” Biden said to himself as he fumbled around with his pen for 10 seconds straight.


Biden’s mental decline is no secret. According to author, editor, writer, communications expert and former White House Press Office stenographer Mike McCormick, Biden’s mental decline is down by 50%.

The comments from McCormick came during an interview with Steve Bannon on War Room Pandemic.

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“50%,” McCormick said when Bannon asked how much of a mental decline Biden has suffered. “He’s half there. There’s no way he can be in a room with President Xi alone and make any decision that is valuable for our country. No way.”


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