Ben Carson Launches New Political Project; Here’s What We Know…

Now that the Trump administration is officially over, those who served in it are making the transition back to private life, including Dr. Ben Carson.

The now-former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was one of the most loyal and dedicated public servants during Donald J. Trump’s historic presidency and now he will be investing his love for America into a new project.

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On Wednesday, Carson announced that he will be launching a new conservative think tank with the goal of “providing common-sense solutions to some of our nation’s biggest problems.”

Citing the need to unify an America torn apart by the savagery of Democrats and their partners in a media that no longer bothers to report real news, Carson has founded the American Cornerstone Institute in the hope that he can help to bring the nation back together.

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According to Carson:

We have painted our fellow Americans as “​deplorable​,” “stupid,” and worse. It is this type of malicious, political rhetoric fueled by opportunistic politicians and profit-driven media organizations that has roiled our deeply divided nation.

We are better than this. Words such as compromise, compassion, and civility are twisted, maligned and tainted as somehow being dirty, or have magically disappeared altogether.

We must do better than this. I miss the days when Americans fought united for freedom and justice for all — equally. I miss when compromise, compassion, and civility were not only encouraged but celebrated, where individuals accepted the consequences of their actions, when politicians pursued the public good, not just their own good.

Watch more from Carson below:

Carson provided additional details on the project in an article for RealClearPolitics:

We must work to improve American cities. While many of the country’s large cities face similar problems — homelessness, a higher cost of living, and rising crime, to name a few — the causes of these problems, and the best ways to address them, will vary from place to place. The institute will study in detail some of America’s largest cities, identifying the key drivers of their current issues and potential solutions that take into account the unique characteristics of each urban area.

We will serve as a check on political power in Washington. ACI will actively push and remind the powers that be to allow and even empower local communities to govern their own affairs. Washington may be home to our political arena, but it is seldom a place for finding solutions; for those we must look to the American people.

For the preservation of this great nation, for ourselves, and the next generation, we will foster a renewed focus on education. If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that education is the key to prosperity. Without it, our communities will falter and our institutions will crumble.

Prior to his accepting President Trump’s request to serve as the head of HUD, Dr. Carson had already devoted his life to helping others and promoting values critical to America including patriotism, faith, and family which are all under an unprecedented assault by the one-party state.

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Now that he has left the swamp, Carson will continue to work to elevate those values and to unite the country under them.

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