Bernie's Still Waiting For One Big Endorsement That May Never Come

He may have scored the endorsements of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Hanoi Jane Fonda and grizzled rocker Neil Young but Bernie Sanders is still waiting for the big one that could save his campaign. 

As of early morning on the most critical primary day of the year for the Vermont socialist, there is still no sign that Elizabeth Warren is going to deliver her seal of approval to Bernie. 


Warren is still licking her wounds after a humiliating third place finish in her home state of Massachusetts ended her hopes of being the nation's first woman president and drove her from the race. 

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Many of Sanders' loyalists expected her to endorse Bernie who is closest to her on ideological terms but the relationship between the two soured as Pocahontas sank in the polls. 

Via The New York Post, "Warren’s endorsement silence is crushing blow to Sanders ahead of next big vote":

Sen. Bernie Sanders is facing massive division in his own campaign, lagging momentum and uncertainty on whether he will secure fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement — with just days until the must-win Michigan primary.

Warren, who could help Sanders unite the progressive wing of the party with an endorsement, has decided that she wants to “take a deep breath and spend a little time on that,” instead of rushing into his corner.

Warren’s supporters seem to want to spend a little time on that as well.

Recent polling by the New York Times found that Biden appears likely to pick up just as many Warren supporters as does Sanders, something that could cripple the Vermont senator’s chances at clinching the nomination.

Not only has Warren refused to back Bernie but she is openly hostile to him as is evident by her interview with MSNBC conspiracy queen Rachel Maddow. 

Via The Hill, "Warren on Sanders supporters' online attacks: 'I think it's a real problem'":

“I want to say for all candidates … we are responsible for the people who claim to be our supporters and do really threatening, ugly, dangerous things to others,” Warren said in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.  

The interview with the Massachusetts lawmaker was held the same day she announced she’d be ending her presidential campaign.  

Maddow asked Warren about attacks Sanders’s supporters have made online directed at her and her supporters, noting tweets of snake emojis and others issuing calls for Democrats to launch a primary challenge against Warren in her Senate race.  

“It’s not just about me,” Warren said. “I think that's a real problem with this online bullying and sort of organized nastiness.”  

With her continued silence, it looks more likely that Warren is going to betray her loyal progressive followers by eventually endorsing Joe Biden after a carrot may have been dangled about a high-ranking position in an Obama III administration. 

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President Trump took to Twitter on Monday to jab both Bernie and Pocahontas:

"Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren singlehandedly destroyed the Bernie Sanders campaign by stripping voters away from his count on Super T. He lost states that he easily would have won if she had dropped out 3 days earlier. The DNC is doing it to Bernie again! Will he ever get angry?"

Sanders could use all help that he can get with Tuesday's Michigan primary looking like a toss-up and the possibility that another loss in a key delegate-heavy state could be the end of his socialist revolution.