BIAS ALERT: Reporter Fawns Over Kamala At Press Conference; “I VOTED FOR YOU”

In yet another example that the media is completely biased towards Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a left-wing reporter fawned over the “Vice President” during her trip to Guatemala on Tuesday.

Maria Fernanda at Univision said it was an “honor” to ask Kamala a question, further stating that she in fact voted for her and Joe.

“Thank you madam Vice President. For me it’s an honor, because I got to vote for the first time as naturalized citizen, and I voted for you,” the reporter asked.

Watch below:

When Trump was in office, the media shouted questions at him, slandered him at every turn, and lied about him and his agenda for America.

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For Biden/Harris, the media worships at the very feet of Joe and the woman who slept her way to the top.

What is your reaction to the media worship of Kamala Harris? Comment below…

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