Biden Admin Warns NY Sheriff Over Flying of Trump Flag in Boat Parade

Joe Biden’s handlers are not content with the fact that they managed to get rid of Donald Trump, because now they’re going after his supporters and pretending as though they have the law on their side.

The Office of the Special Counsel has issued a warning to a New York sheriff that he allegedly violated an 82-year-old law that prevents federal workers from doing political stuff in their official capacity.

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The U.S. Office of Special Counsel has issued a warning letter to Oswego County Sheriff Don Hilton after investigating a complaint that the department flew a Trump flag from a government-owned boat last summer, according to Oswego County Legislature Chairman Jim Weatherup.

The federal office investigated a complaint that the flag flying violated the Hatch Act, which forbids using taxpayer time and money to advocate for a politician. The law specifically bans the display of “campaign materials or items” on taxpayer time or resources.

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“Because you used an official agency resource to promote a presidential candidate, thus giving the impression that the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office endorsed that candidate, OSC determined that you violated the Hatch Act’s prohibition against using your official authority to affect an election. Please be advised that if you engage in any future prohibited political activity while employed in a Hatch Act-covered position, OSC would consider such activity to be a willful and knowing violation of the law that could result in disciplinary action,” Erica Hamrick, deputy chief of the Hatch Act Unit, wrote in the letter. ”

But wait — this guy is a New York sheriff, not a federal employee. So why is he getting a warning about a federal law violation?

Oswego County News Now explains:

The OSC said Hilton and the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office are subject to the Hatch Act because the department receives federal funding for certain activities and is therefore covered by the law. A letter sent from OSC, which was sent to Hilton and obtained by The Palladium-Times, said Hilton has “duties in connection with federally funded programs,” and as a result is “covered by the Hatch Act.”

For his part, Hilton has said he won’t do it again.

“I have reassured the chairman and other members of the Legislature that it will not occur again,” he said in a statement released by the county last week.

Last August, according to Hilton, he and his officers were providing security on Oneida Lake during the Trump Flotilla event. He said he was on board the department’s marine patrol vessel when a participant passing by stopped and handed him the flag, which he then allowed to be displayed.

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“I did this to show support for the event participants and for our president, who has supported law enforcement at a time when many groups are unjustly vilifying our profession,” Hilton said. “To do so was my decision only, not my deputies’, and I take full and sole responsibility for it.”

The absurdity of this claim by Biden’s OSC is only surpassed by the warning given to the sheriff that he could be held liable. Consider: How many cities with “Black Lives Matter” painted on their streets, including Washington, D.C., which receives a whole heap of federal dollars, have been duly ‘warned’ about the Hatch Act?

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