Biden Aims To Demolish ‘America First’; Cancels Over 65 Crucial Trump Executive Orders

The Biden administration continues to take a wrecking ball to former President Donald J. Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda with a determination to erase four years of progress with lightning-fast speed.

From his command center in a military-fortified Washington, Biden has not only issued a record number of decrees in the form of executive orders, but has also been canceling those issued by his predecessor.

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Biden has now revoked dozens of pending executive orders by Trump, many of which deal with national security, immigration, and measures that have been deemed to be too tough on China.

Some of the biggest reversals of Trump policy included ending the ban on transgenders in the military that paves the way for taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries, the rejoining of the Paris Climate Accords, funding the WHO, halting the construction of the border wall, and clearing the way for millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens.

The count is now at 65 and climbing:

Via The Washington Free Beacon,“Biden Pulls 65 Pending Trump Executive Orders”:

“President Joe Biden has pulled 65 pending Trump administration executive orders, many of which deal with key national security and immigration matters.

Several of the withdrawals strike down orders that would protect American jobs by tightening immigration restrictions and eliminate proposed oversight regulations on how China-backed Confucius Institutes operate on campus. The Biden administration selectively cut the orders, as some pending Trump administration actions remain under review.

Biden withdrew one Department of Homeland Security regulation that would bar foreign nationals with deportation orders from working. Under current law, outgoing aliens released from custody can still seek legal employment. The proposed—and now withdrawn—Trump executive order would increase protections for American workers by striking down such an expansive employment policy”

Biden’s rollback of Trump’s policies shows that his calls for “unity” were complete hogwash, especially with Congress devoting all of its efforts to the ‘9/11 style commission’ to investigate Trump and his supporters.

But even more disturbingly, Biden’s team is pouring through federal documents to find even more ways to undo Trump’s historic presidency:

The Washington Post reports:

“Biden’s team even set up a shadow administration of sorts, recruiting Democrats with expertise in specific agencies to ensure that the orders would stand up to legal challenges.

The effort was driven by a view that Trump’s policies have been codified via an army of operatives who found endless ways, public and hidden, to turn federal policies in nefarious directions.

Even now, Democrats are digging layer by layer through federal orders and manuals — “bureaucratic archaeology,” in the phrase of Lucas Guttentag, a law professor who helped on immigration efforts — in hopes of unearthing buried Trump initiatives.

The process is ongoing, Guttentag said, adding that it “requires delving into innumerable details” and sorting “through these almost hidden and easily overlooked administrative actions that have incredibly long tentacles that have to be undone, root and branch, to even begin the process of reform.”

Biden’s abuse of executive orders has been praised by the same media that previously accused Trump of being a dictator for his issuance of far fewer such decrees than Joe in yet another example of the double standards that Democrats benefit from.

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