Biden Calls For National Lockdown During CNN "Town Hall"

Former Vice President and Democrat front-runner Joe Biden has called for a national lockdown in a sign of how he would govern if elected. 

Lunchbucket Joe has been struggling badly while President Trump demonstrates his great leadership on a daily basis and on Friday night, Biden got a helping hand from his good friends at CNN. 


The self-proclaimed "most trusted name in news" televised a "town hall" which was in reality only a feed of Biden in his home serving up propaganda Chinese-style in an extended campaign infomercial. 

As the new figurehead of the anti-Trump resistance, Sleepy Joe continues to be a divisive voice when national unity is necessary in order to combat an unprecedented threat in the virus. 

Like many of his fellow Democrats who as governors, mayors and local officials, they believe that the coronavirus is a great opportunity to flex their muscles, crush civil liberties and give communism a test drive. 

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On Friday, the dementia-addled 77-year-old put his seal of approval on forcing all of the nation's governors to take the hardline approach that Democrats like Andrew Cuomo, Eric Garcetti and Gretchen Whitmer have done. 

Biden's suggestion came as a response to a query from the reptilian multi-millionaire anchor Anderson Cooper.  

Via The Hill, "Biden: Governors should issue lockdowns 'for the time being'":

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Friday he would recommend that governors across the country issue temporary lockdowns in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus.

"For the time being, I would," Biden told CNN's Anderson Cooper when asked if he would urge governors in every state implement a lockdown for several weeks.

"You don't know who doesn't have the virus," the former vice president continued, noting that many people who may have the virus could be asymptomatic.

The United States on Friday had more than 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, shortly after the U.S. moved into first in the world for the total number of cases, past Italy and China.

Amid rising figures, a number of governors across the country have issued temporary orders for residents to shelter in place, closing many restaurants and bars and keeping open those businesses deemed essential, such as grocery stores, medical facilities and gas stations.

Biden said Friday that he has spoken with a number of Democratic governors, including Jay Inslee (Wash.), Gretchen Whitmer (Mich.), Tom Wolf (Pa.) and John Bel Edwards (La.). Whitmer is a co-chair on Biden's campaign.

A good journalist would have followed up by asking Biden about the boost to his White House campaign if a national lockdown contributed to an economic cataclysm but few who can see clearly have ever accused Anderson Cooper of being one. 

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The peculiar nature of the states, cities and counties that are under shutdown or "self shelter" orders nearly all being run by Democrats is never mentioned by the media although it is the proverbial elephant in the living room. 

All that it took was the cornonavirus to show that inside every liberal that there is an authoritarian fascist raging to get out. 

Joe Biden is no different and would be a disastrous choice as POTUS.