Biden Campaign Keeps Ducking Interview Request From Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace

With less than one hundred days to go until the most important election in U.S. history, the DNC continues to keep its presumptive nominee Joe Biden locked in the basement and away from public scrutiny. 

By whipping up a state of unprecedented mass hysteria over the COVID-19 pandemic and with governors in Democrat-controlled states implementing round two of the lockdowns, the party has a perfect excuse to keep the former vice president under wraps. 


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But such extreme measures to hide the candidate from the public are slowly beginning to raise some eyebrows in some corners of the media while Team Biden keeps the great white hope securely nestled in a bubble. 

One of those who is starting to ask questions is Fox News anchor Chris Wallace who hosted President Trump in an adversarial interview that aired last week but has been repeatedly turned down by Biden's campaign for a chat with the Democrat savior. 

Via Fox News, "Biden campaign declines 'Fox News Sunday' interview, 1 week after Chris Wallace's Trump sitdown":

During his interview with Chris Wallace last week, President Trump questioned whether the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, could handle the barrage of questioning that Wallace posed to Trump.

The answer to that question – at least for now – we may never know.

Wallace on Sunday informed viewers that the Biden campaign told Fox News he was “not available” for an interview.

"In our interview last week with President Trump, he questioned whether his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, could handle a similar encounter,” Wallace said. “This week, we asked the Biden campaign for an interview and they said the former vice president was not available.”

He added, “We’ll keep asking every week.”

During President Trump's sitdown with the Fox anchor, he called into question Biden's mental capabilities and while not going so far as to call him senile, challenged him to submit to a cognitive skills test. 

Via Fox News:

President Trump took several shots at former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental state during his exclusive interview with “Fox News Sunday,” challenging Biden to take the same test he had to take, only for host Chris Wallace to claim that the test is not exactly difficult.

Trump took the test, known as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, in 2018 and his doctor said he “aced” it. At the time, a version of the exam circulated online.

“Let's take a test right now. Let's go down, Joe and I will take a test. Let him take the same test that I took.

Wallace said that after it was reported that Trump passed the test, he took it himself. Versions of it have circulated on the Internet after Trump passed it.

“It's not – well it's not the hardest test,” Wallace said. “They have a picture and it says ‘what’s that’ and it’s an elephant.”

“No, no, no,” Trump said, calling Wallace’s description “a misrepresentation.” Wallace said he was describing what he had seen online.

“It's all misrepresentation,” Trump reiterated. “Because, yes, the first few questions are easy, but I'll bet you couldn't even answer the last five questions. I'll bet you couldn't, they get very hard, the last five questions.” Trump said he answered all 35 questions correctly.

“Well, one of them was count back from 100 by seven,” Wallace said, then he began with, “Ninety-three.”

“You couldn't answer -- you couldn't answer many of the questions,” Trump told Wallace, prompting the host to ask what the difficult question was.

“I'll get you the test, I'd like to give it. I'll guarantee you that Joe Biden could not answer those questions,” Trump claimed.

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The last time that lunchbucket Joe chatted with Wallace it didn't go so well. 

The geriatric gaffe machine forgot which interview he was doing and referred to Wallace as "Chuck" as in NBC's loathsome Obama sycophant Chuck Todd in one of Biden's last interviews before the coronavirus provided the perfect opportunity to keep him locked down until the election. 

One has to wonder at this point whether the DNC is already conniving on how to cancel the presidential debate because if Biden can't handle Chris Wallace he would be torn to bloody shreds by President Trump. 

Other than Wallace, the media continues to cover for Biden but how long can it last?