Biden Channels Obama, Says He'll 'Transform' America if Elected

In the midst of a cultural revolution begun by Left-wing groups working through anarchists who have hijacked the George Floyd protests for their own selfish political ends, along comes former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, to channel his two-term boss, Barack Obama.

In comments posted to Twitter, Biden pledged, “We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it.”


So, by “transform,” what does Biden mean? Transform the country from a republic to…? A monarchy with “King Joe” at the helm? Or socialist ‘utopia’ (two terms that are mutually exclusive)? Communism? A feudal state? 

Biden, of course, didn’t elaborate. He just dropped that tweet and slinked back to his basement, where he’s been for the past couple months dodging coronavirus, serious media inquiry, and President Donald Trump.

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In the past, Biden “has promised sweeping reforms if elected, but has also attempted to distance himself from protest movements that have called for police departments to be defunded and statues of U.S. founding fathers to come down,” The Daily Caller reported. 

He has also opposed the tearing down of all statues and monuments to American heroes. 

But it’s not been very long ago when Obama talked about “fundamentally transforming” America – and of course, by now, we know what he meant: De-legitimizing our founding principles and traditions while ushering in Left-wing tyranny disguised as ‘democracy’ and ‘equality.’

For Obama, ‘fundamental transformation’ meant dramatic increases in the size and scope and power of the federal government; racist policies touted as ‘social justice’; and punishing speech that was deemed ‘offensive’ and ‘dangerous.’

And, as Dr. Paul Kengor noted at CNS News in January 2017, as Obama was on his way out the White House door, Americans should have seen all of this radical Leftism coming:

We Americans generally don’t do fundamental transformation. We make changes, yes, small and large, but who among us—other than the most radical revolutionaries—actually want to fundamentally transform the nation? Many people think that America has many problems, but those can be addressed without a fundamental transformation. Ask professors who teach history or political ideologies (as I have for two decades) and we will tell you that totalitarianism is the ideology that fundamentally transforms. Indeed, the textbook definition of totalitarianism, which I’ve scribbled on the chalkboard every fall and spring semester since 1997, is to seek to fundamentally transform—specifically, to fundamentally transform human nature via some form of political-ideological-cultural upheaval.

And isn’t that what we’re seeing take place now

Maybe ol’ Joe isn’t as ‘fundamentally’ mind-altered as he’s been made out to be. Because it’s clear what Obama meant when he used the term ‘transformation.’ And let us not forget that there was violence and looting and protesting and demonstrations in American cities when he was president, too.

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In fact, the “Black Lives Matter” movement began under Obama.

“I winced when Barack Obama said that, and then felt sick to the stomach when I watched people blissfully and blindly applaud without question or objection,” Kengor added.

We should wince now that Biden has said essentially the same thing. And we should be equally opposed to it.