Biden Claims That President Trump Will Postpone The Election

It is now perfectly clear that for all that Democrats lack in policies and ideas, they more than make up for with conspiracy theories. 

Presumptive nominee Joe Biden has introduced a new one that will appeal to all who bought that big lie that President Trump was in cahoots with the Kremlin. 

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According to lunchbucket Joe, Trump is going to cancel the November election to block his juggernaut campaign’s date with destiny and the Democrat recapture of the White House. 


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The borderline senile former vice president who has been a D.C. insider for over five decades made his bombshell prediction during a virtual fundraiser and it is certain to trigger the celebs who have been confined to their multi-million dollar mansions who are Biden’s base. 

Via CNN, “Biden says he thinks Trump will try to delay the presidential election”:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday he believes President Donald Trump will try to delay November’s presidential election.

“Mark my words: I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held,” Biden said at a virtual fundraiser, according to a pool report. Biden has maintained the November election should not be postponed and has previously made similar comments.

Trump cannot unilaterally change the date of the election in November, as it has been set into law by federal statute and Congress would have to OK such a move. However, that has not stopped some Democrats from worrying that he will try to do so, and voters had asked the previously large field of Democratic presidential candidates if they had concerns that Trump would try to delay the election or refuse to leave office if he were defeated in November.

CNN has reached out to Trump’s campaign for comment on Biden’s accusation.

On Thursday during his nightly briefing, President Trump mocked his likely opponent as a “sleepy guy in a basement” who he is looking forward to meeting on a debate stage; hardly the type of comment that a man who is plotting to cancel the election would make. 

It is reasonably safe to predict that Biden’s conspiracy theory will be at the top of the list of questions that the hostile activists at President Trump’s daily press briefing will bring up even if it is tinfoil hat territory. 

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It is the height of irony that the presumptive nominee for a party that rejects the very legitimacy of American institutions such as the Electoral College, the U.S. Senate, the Supreme Court and refuses to accept the result of elections that they don’t win could make such a suggestion. 

Unfortunately for America, the same media that spent three years reporting on the Russia collusion hoax will give Biden’s audacious claim the legitimacy that it doesn’t deserve.  

Dems and their winged monkeys in the press have already traumatized the nation with their overblown coronavirus fearmongering and now they are playing to the paranoia of a nation on edge as well. 


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