BIDEN EFFECT: US Allies Turning to Russia For Help As Biden Proves to be Incompetent

United States allies are losing so much faith in America and President Joe Biden that they are turning to Russian president Vladimir Putin for help in Afghanistan.

President Biden has proven to be completely incompetent after his disastrous Afghanistan withdraw which led to a swift Taliban takeover, leaving tens of thousands of Americans and American allies trapped in the region.

The incompetence from Biden is now forcing US allies to find other options as they have zero confidence in Biden’s decision making abilities.

According to new reports, Germany, the UK, French and Italy are turning to Russia for help in Afghanistan.

The Financial Times reported:

Britain will this week turn to China and Russia to try to stop Afghanistan sliding further into chaos, after recriminations between London and Washington over US President Joe Biden’s withdrawal of American troops.

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UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s government is also working closely with France — with whom relations are strained after Brexit — to try to engineer a UN response to the crisis in Afghanistan…

Downing Street has denied any rift between Johnson and Biden, but the British prime minister’s foreign policy — heavily dependent on the US — has been shaken by the crisis and has forced London to court other capitals.

Johnson, anxious to show that the UK is still relevant as a “convening power” when he chairs a virtual summit of the G7 on Tuesday, tweeted that the group of wealthy nations would co-ordinate efforts “to ensure safe evacuations, prevent a humanitarian crisis and support the Afghan people”.

As Biden continues to think that America’s allies support his disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan, our allies say otherwise.

Multiple members of the British Parliament are unleashing on Biden for his catastrophe in Afghanistan. Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Numerous members of the British Parliament slammed President Joe Biden this week in response to the catastrophe the president created in Afghanistan with his disastrous pullout and handling of the situation.

The remarks came on Wednesday from members in the House of Lords, which is one of the two chambers in the British Parliament.

Members blamed Biden for the situation and shamed him for trying to cast blame on others, including the Afghan military. Many of the members said that America’s image was seriously damaged around the world and the West could suffer greatly in the years to come because nations may no longer trust the West to keep its promises.

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