Biden Gets Confused, Fails Tremendously In Attempted Jab At Trump

Seems like former Vice President Joe Biden can’t get away from controversy since announcing his third run for the White House back in April.

But things got even worse for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate failed his geography lesson in a recent policy discussion about South America.

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During an interview with the editorial board of The Des Moines Register, Biden said that refugees from Venezuela are entering Bolivia.

“Look what’s going on in Venezuela right now, what are we doing? Being irresponsible,” Biden said.

“I’m the guy that put together the plan in Colombia, straightening that government out for a long while. Now what’s happening? Millions of people are crossing the border and destabilizing Bolivia. Already destabilizing the Amazon, but, you know, Brazil. Dealing with what’s going on in Colombia.”

Biden also attacked Trump’s policy in Venezuela as “irresponsible,” saying, “We’re sitting here with our thumb in our ear.”

Biden is apparently blithely unaware that about 700 miles worth of Brazil separates the two countries.

Secondly, there is no border between Bolivia and Venezuela. Also, any notion that the Obama administration “stabilized” Venezuela is absurd and outrageously falsely. 

Biden tried so hard to attack Trump that he blunder basic geography and pushed more falsehoods.


This comes after Biden was brutally embarrassed by hundreds of his former coworkers who essentially begged him not to run for president.

As of now, 231 people who worked in Obama’s 2008 campaign, his 2012 re-election campaign and his administration have voiced their support for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bid for the White House.

The list of Obama alumni was acquired by CNN and is headed by the 2008 campaign’s field director, Jon Carson.

Unfortunately for Biden, reports have surfaced that Obama is working with Warren behind closed doors to strengthen her campaign.

And now, 231 former Obama staffers — many of which undoubtedly crossed paths with Biden or worked with him in some capacity — are throwing their full support behind Warren and not the former VP.

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Despite his work in the White House, it seems like almost no one from Team Obama is willing to support Joe.

Wonder why?