Biden Stays In The Basement, Sends Senior Officials To Do His Dirty Work On The Border

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 07: Democratic presidential candidate VP. Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Trump administration's recent actions in Iraq at Chelsea Piers on January 07, 2020 in New York City.

Joe Biden seems interested in the growing migrant crisis along the southwest border, but he’s just not interested in it enough to see it for himself.

So he’s going to send several administration officials to have a look on his behalf.

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“President Biden has asked senior members of his team to travel to the border region in order to provide a full briefing to him on the government response to the influx of unaccompanied minors and an assessment of additional steps that can be taken to ensure the safety and care of these children,” White House spokesperson Vedant Patel said in a statement reported by The Hill.

But as far as who is actually going and what area of the border they will visit is some sort of national secret because the White House isn’t saying, citing ‘security’ concerns.

It gets better (or worse depending on your perspective): There won’t be any press allowed to accompany the Biden team, either, Breitbart News confirmed.

The Hill adds:

The White House would not say specifically who would be making the trip or when it will take place, citing security concerns. But officials will provide a summary of the visit once it concludes, Patel said.

The trip to the border comes as Biden officials try to get a handle on the rising number of migrants coming across the border. Border agents have apprehended thousands of migrants in Biden’s first six weeks in office, many of whom are unaccompanied minors.

Biden is facing increasing rancor over his reversal of most Trump-era policies that were credited with halting the flow of migrants along the southwest border. Those policies included “Remain in Mexico” and specific aid to Central American countries to alleviate poverty and create a safer environment for their economies to improve so that citizens wouldn’t feel the need to migrate.

Former President Trump’s administration also made arrangements with those countries to take back citizens caught sneaking illegally into the U.S.

And now, the Biden team, just weeks into the new administration, already are facing massive new migrant streams as word spreads south of the border the new administration is going to be much more ‘accommodating’ to illegal aliens and unaccompanied minors.

“Republicans remain furious the Biden administration is purposefully creating a rush on the border by rolling back Trump’s policies and sending public messages to migrant teenagers the border is open to unaccompanied minors. Republicans also raised the alarm of the Biden administration’s failure to properly test and quarantine migrants released into the United States who have the coronavirus,” Breitbart reported.

Meanwhile, “critics from the left are furious with the Biden administration for reopening detention camps that were closed during the Trump administration,” the outlet continued.

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To that point, former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan pushed back on claims by the Biden administration last week that it had to reopen closed detention facilities to comply with COVID-19 rules.

“Those facilities aren’t needed because of COVID. That’s absolutely not true. Those facilities are needed because this administration is now encouraging, incentivizing, and facilitating illegal entry in the United States, and the numbers have skyrocketed,” he told the Daily Caller last week.