In his second term, then-President Barack Obama launched an ‘equal housing’ plan that had been in the works for years.

Early in his first term, his social change artists at Housing and Urban Development and other agencies began crafting new rules called the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) initiative, which essentially allowed the federal government to dictate state and local zoning laws while forcing subsidized housing into middle- and upper-middle-class suburbs.

“We recognize that a growing body of research supports the benefits of socioeconomic and racial diversity in schools and communities, and that such diversity can help establish access points for opportunity and mobility the then-heads of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Education said in a letter informing state and local officials of the plan.

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“Rising economic segregation means that an increasing number of low-income households are located in distressed neighborhoods where they face challenges such as failing schools, high rates of crime, and inadequate access to services and jobs, making it harder for individuals and families to escape poverty,” they added.

It was a naked attempt to urbanize suburban neighborhoods and flood them with voters more friendly to the Democrat Party.

In recent days, President Donald Trump vowed to study the AFFH with an eye toward ending it.

“At the request of many great Americans who live in the Suburbs, and others, I am studying the AFFH housing regulation that is having a devastating impact on these once thriving Suburban areas,” he wrote in a tweet, adding: “Corrupt Joe Biden wants to make them MUCH WORSE. Not fair to homeowners, I may END!”

Well, turns out the president is exactly right. If Biden wins in November, he’ll pick up where his former boss left off and begin urbanizing the mostly white, GOP-leaning suburbs by allowing multi-family dwellings under Section 8 housing rules to be built on lots that were originally designed for single-family dwellings.

“Once Biden starts to enforce AFFH the way Obama’s administration originally meant it to work, it will be as if America’s suburbs had been swallowed up by the cities they surround,” reported National Review’s Stanley Kurtz

“They will lose control of their own zoning and development, they will be pressured into a kind of de facto regional-revenue redistribution, and they will even be forced to start building high-density, low-income housing.”

“The latter, of course, will require the elimination of single-family zoning. With that, the basic character of the suburbs will disappear,” Kurtz noted further.

Because militant Marxists in the Democrat Party can’t allow successful, non-Democrat-supporting voters the right to a lifestyle of their choosing.

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The AFFH rules still exist because Housing and Urban Development chief Dr. Ben Carson has yet to dispose of them. But with Trump’s public prompting, hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

Plans similar to this are already being implemented in some cities around the country. In Austin, for instance, single-family houses are being redeveloped into duplexes and even quadplexes.

If the urbanization of the ‘burbs is allowed to occur, then big-city crime will follow. And frankly, that’s probably what Obama (and now Biden) have had in mind all along, while they live wealthy and protected in gated communities.


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