Biden Plays Blame Game on Inflation While Americans Lose

Joe Biden is a senior citizen that wasn’t required more than a year of high school math. Of course, when Joe went to high school, they were all probably using slate and a piece of coal and counting on an abacus. Yea, he’s old.

So, when Biden talks about inflation and postulates reasons why we are seeing 40-year highs and how to make it come down, his suggestion gives most of us brain freeze. Of course, you’d think he would have enough semi-competent people around him to help figure this out. Nah, we are screwed.

What’s the story? Per National Review:

President Biden blamed congressional Republicans for record-high inflation in a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Addressing the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Biden argued that his economic agenda, which relies on massive government spending, would help drive down inflation, and said Republican obstruction of that agenda is to blame for the current economic environment.

Here we go. I knew it was those damn Republicans! What with their track record of conservative fiscal policies and such! I mean, everybody knows just printing and throwing money at EVERYTHING is the only solution! Just ask anyone in line at a check-cashing place, they’ll tell you!

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“Under my plan for the economy we made extraordinary progress and put America in a position to tackle a worldwide problem that’s worse everywhere but here: inflation,” Biden said.

“The problem is, Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families,” Biden added. “That’s why my plan is not finished, and the results aren’t finished either.”

Take care to note how Biden likes to always point out that it’s worse everyplace else than it is here as if to say, ‘be glad you don’t live in Mexico’.

He also likes to parrot the word “plan” and the phrase “ordinary families” so the American people will think he is thinking about them. The reality is, Joe is busy getting rich on the side while hustling the American people and blaming anyone else in the room for his administration’s utter failings.

“By the end of the fiscal year, we will have cut the federal deficit by another $1.6 trillion. In one year!” Biden said. “So when they come to you and talk about big spenders, let ’em know: almost $2 trillion in deficit reduction. I don’t want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending—we’re changing people’s lives!”

Touting cutting the deficit, when the deficit baseline was increased by emergency Covid spending is also misleading. Sort of like touting record new job growth, when the truth is we haven’t recouped all the jobs lost because of the pandemic yet. It’s all manipulation of the numbers and hoping “Joe Sixpack” won’t notice.

We are noticing Joe, Mr. Sixpack is seeing through your lies. The reckless spending is on display daily. Anyone watch the January 6th kangaroo court? That ain’t happening for free.

You say you are changing people’s lives Joe, how about leaving them alone? That will be an upgrade and you won’t even have to leave your basement!

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