Biden's spokesman calls Trump a 'Klansman' over his response to riots

Democratic opposition to President Donald Trump has gone from the absurd to the outrageous, brought down to the gutter by none other than a spokesman for likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

In a tweet criticizing the president’s responses to the destructive looting, violence, and riots ostensibly to protest the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, Jamal Brown, Biden’s press secretary, flat-out called Trump a “Klansman.”


As even Washington, D.C., came under siege from anarchists and Antifa types, President Trump held a joint conference call with governors around the county early Monday. During that call, the president reportedly criticized state leaders over their “weak” responses to the ongoing destruction while urging them to get tougher and enforce the rule of law.

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For reasons known only to him, Brown likened Trump’s criticism as him calling for action against “black people” before using the KKK reference.

“White supremacists have been inciting violence & burning buildings over the last few days under the guise of ‘ protestors.’ Now @realDonaldTrump is calling on governors & law enforcement to take action against ‘protestors’— i.e. Black people. Say it plain: Trump is a Klansman,” Brown wrote.

Maybe he’s the problem because maybe he’s the racist; video being posted all over social media clearly show that the rioting is multi-ethnic. So – does Brown have a guilty conscience? Is that why he immediately threw the race card? 

Or does he think that as long as blacks are doing the rioting, it’s okay and should be overlooked – you know, because of ‘oppression’?

Plenty of Twitter users responded negative to Brown.

“It’s a sad day when Biden’s campaign starts using the ‘Klansman’ to slur his opponent. Jamal needs to be removed and Biden needs to address why he could be any better at race relations then the pathetic 8 years he already had as VP and 40 previous years in political office,” wrote one.

“Obama-Biden had 8 years to address racism, inequalities in criminal justice system, high black unemployment (double digits). Let’s not forget Biden was in Congress 40+yrs before VP and now he says he can fix it. He’s part of the problem too - he supported mass incarceration,” wrote another. 

And let’s not forget, there were plenty of riots when Biden and Obama were in office. As the one user above suggests, the ‘systemic’ problem of racism obviously went unaddressed during their two terms in office.

As for which party might just be more responsible for the violence, let’s also noted that Minneapolis, the epicenter for the protests, is a deep blue city that has been ran by Democrats for decades.

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That means that the police department has also been run by Democrat-appointed leaders. To that point, Derek Chauvin, the fired police officer who held Floyd down with his knee until he died is the second Minneapolis officer charged with third-degree murder in the past few years.

In June 2019, former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, a Somali-American, was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison on a third-degree murder conviction for shooting an unarmed white woman, Australian Justine Ruszczyk, who relocated to the city to live with her fiancé. 

His reason? He thought he and his partner were being ‘ambushed.’

Guess what happened around the country after that incident? Nothing. No protests, no demonstrations, and no looting or violence.

No ‘Klansmen’ behavior, either.