Biden To Declare Victory Over COVID With July 4th Extravaganza Even If Vaccine Goal Not Met

Just because Joe Biden’s goal of 70 percent of the nation being fully vaccinated by the Fourth Of July may not be achieved it isn’t going to prevent him from declaring victory anyway.

Despite weeks of pleading for Americans to get “the jab” along with offers of lottery prizes and other free stuff, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Biden’s milestone will be met. It’s so bad that even the Washington Post had to admit it.

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But the Democrat spin machine is already at work to turn what would be an embarrassing political setback into a win for Biden. A man who based his campaign on the pretense that he was better suited to fight the battle against COVID than his predecessor, former President Donald J. Trump.

On Tuesday, the White House announced that lunchbucket Joe and Dr. Jill will be hosting a July 4th “Independence For The Virus” extravaganza. The event is set to gaslight Americans into thinking that Biden has triumphed even if the magic number has not been reached.

There will be fireworks on the National Mall, a massive spectacle that will receive widespread media coverage, and will all but certainly feature a cavalcade of far-left celebrities who have voiced their support for Biden.

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The Associated Press reports that Biden “plans to host first responders, essential workers and military servicemembers and their families on the South Lawn for a cookout and to watch the fireworks over the National Mall. Well more than 1,000 guests are expected, officials said, with final arrangements still to be sorted out.”

“The White House also encouraged celebrations in a Tuesday email to state and local officials; “We welcome you to join us by hosting your own events to honor our freedom, salute those who have been serving on the frontlines, and celebrate our progress in fighting this pandemic,” according to AP.

It’s a big turnaround from back in March when Biden said that if Americans obeyed Dr. Fauci then he might allow them to gather together in “small groups” to celebrate the cherished national holiday.

“If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th, there’s a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbeque and celebrate Independence Day.” Biden said, “That doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together.”

In the same speech, Biden also seemed to threaten to cancel July 4th, “if we don’t say vigilant and the conditions change, then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track.” 

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The shifting of the goalposts as far as what “victory” over the virus would be defined as was tipped off by CNN which reported that all of the states that Biden “won” in the election would meet the 70 percent number over the weekend.

Biden’s recent trip across the pond to the G7 conference allowed him to put America at the forefront of the global campaign to get vaccinations into the arms of everyone on the planet. He “wowed” the media, allowing him to focus on the Democrat agenda of destroying the nation at home.

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