BIDEN’S AMERICA: Ford Snubs U.S. To Build ‘Next Generation’ Vehicles In Mexico

Elections have consequences. The union members who voted for Joe Biden were naive to think that a career politician would be serious about protecting their jobs. Now they are quickly discovering that they were sold a bad bill of goods.

Biden’s claims of being a champion of the working class were exactly like his calls for “unity”: just a bunch of empty rhetoric. Although you’d never know it with the way it was gushed over by the media and low information voters, but we all knew it had no basis in reality.

Now that there is no chance of repercussions from Donald J. Trump, auto manufacturer Ford has reneged on its agreement to produce a new line of vehicles at its plant in Avon Lake, Ohio. It will now shift production to Mexico.

As a part of the 2019 contract, Ford agreed to invest $900 million to the plant that would be adding a ‘next-generation’ product which likely means electrically-powered vehicles. Now those “green jobs” will be exported.

The bad news was delivered to workers in a letter from Gerald Kariem, the vice president of the powerful United Auto Workers (UAW) union that backed Biden and Kamala Harris over Trump.

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We 100% reject the company’s decision to put corporate greed and more potential profits over American jobs and the future of our members. We expect the company to honor its contractual commitments to this membership and when it fails to do so we will take action,” wrote Kariem.

He added, “‘We are intensely exploring our options at this time.”

Ford’s sucker punch to the Ohio workers was met with anger by the Buckeye State’s two sitting U.S. senators.

I’m very concerned about it. I don’t know that it’s accurate, I hope it’s not,” said Republican Rob Portman; “Ford has made a commitment to be the biggest U.S. manufacturer — in other words, of all the U.S. companies — that they will manufacture more in the United States than anybody else. They do that now. I hope that they choose to continue to keep that product at Avon Lake, and I’m weighing in strongly encouraging that,” he added.

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Democrat Sherrod Brown vowed to appeal to the White House.

We’re working with the White House. We’re going to put a lot of pressure on Ford management,” “It’s the same old story — they make promises or shut down production or fail to invest and they move to Mexico because they can save on labor costs and environmental costs. That’s what the auto industry has done in our state for decades, and we’re fighting back,” said Brown to reporters.

Biden’s first two months have resulted in thousands of jobs being destroyed, now that “America First” has been abandoned. The ideologues running the show are determined to impose their reckless Green New Deal policies on an already battered public, regardless of the economic carnage.

The giant sucking sound of failed Democrat policies has now reached a deafening pitch. Those “green jobs” Joe Biden and his fellow Dems promised have been revealed to be more of the same malarkey. Unsurprisingly it’s all coming from a man who has been in Washington for over five decades and never accomplished a thing that mattered for the working class.

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