Bill Maher Decries SCOTUS Catholics; Calls For More Atheists On The Bench

The left is careening toward a meltdown of epic proportions as the vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is expected to go down on the week before the election. 

Barrett's impeccable credentials and respect for the Constitution make her the perfect choice to replace the dearly departed Ruth Bader Ginsburg who succumbed to cancer last month. 


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Democrats have little chance of stopping Barrett's seating on the nation's highest court and have been reduced to the pathetic whining that has been their trademark ever since Hillary Clinton was blindsided in 2016.

On Friday, HBO's smarmy liberal host Bill Maher devoted a portion of his "New Rules" segment to kvetching about the Catholics on the SCOTUS and the unfairness of Barrett's impending confirmation to atheists. 

Maher bemoaned the lack of representation that atheists have outside of Hollywood and the entertainment industry and suggested that they would make better judges, a wild statement that illustrates the moral bankruptcy of the celebrity elite.

Via Yahoo Entertainment, "Maher Says There Are Already Too Many Catholics on the Supreme Court":

BIll Maher used the “New Rules” segment in Friday’s episode of “Real Time” to talk about the thing that mostly dominated the news this week — the grossly hypocritical rush by Republicans to install Amy Coney Barrett on Supreme Court — and specifically, he argued that one of the problems with her appointment is that Catholics are already over-represented on that body.

Maher also spent some time arguing that despite claims by Republicans to the contrary, it is absolutely appropriate to discuss and criticize Barrett’s fundamentalist religious views, because “being nuts is relevant.”

“Democrats have to stop talking about packing the Supreme Court because it’s already packed — with Catholics,” Maher said at the start of “New Rules.” “Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Sotomayor and Gorsuch, who I count as Catholic because he was raised Catholic and is now Episcopalian, which is just a Catholic who flunked Latin. And once Mitch McConnell and company are done FedExing Amy Coney Barrett to the bench, seven of the nine justices will be Catholic.”

Maher added that he has “nothing against Catholics, except my entire upbringing,” and that his issue is how Catholics make up around 20% of the U.S. population. “If seven out of nine justices were Jews or Muslims or Buddhists, would that be okay? And if faith is this super important element of life as Barrett and her Republican supporters say it is, shouldn’t we have a healthier balance on our highest court?”

Maher continued, noting that the fastest growing religion in America is the lack of any religion at all, which includes Maher himself. “We are 26 percent of the country — not anyone here, but of the country. Where’s our voice on the Supreme Court?” he asked. “And atheists actually make better judges because we don’t have to work to separate church and state. We’re not torn between rational decision-making and what it says in the old book of Jewish fairy tales.”

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Maher has worn his disdain for faith on his sleeve and has established a deserved reputation of being sacrilegious as the contempt for God has become a bastardized form of religion on the left. 

The host also compared Barrett to the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie character the Terminator, "a robot programmed to fulfill one task" with hers being to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

There appears to be a sense of demoralization over Barrett's confirmation, perhaps a lingering hangover over the demise of Ginsburg who had become a cult figure on the left and who left them all holding the bag by not retiring when Obama would have been able to pick her replacement. 

Someone needs to get this man a nice stuffed animal to hug.  


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