Bill Maher Leaves Leftist Stunned By What He Said About DeSantis, Trump

Political pundit and very outspoken liberal, Bill Maher, host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, left his guest panelists in total shock over the weekend when he dared to make the statement that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis would make a “way better” president than Donald Trump.

You just know that these folks were ready to explode on the inside after hearing Maher make this comment. However, Maher himself has actually held a number of positions where he agrees with conservatives, particularly concerning both guns and freedom of speech.

That’s how you know we’re living in the end times. When people like Maher start making sense and saying things you agree with, the Second Coming can’t be far behind.

It’s also a good indication of just how far off the rails we’ve gone as a country.

TheBlaze reported, “On ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ guest panelists Krystal Ball and James Kirchick joined Maher to discuss the House January 6 committee hearings. The three debated whether or not then-President Trump ‘committed crimes’ and blasted any Republican they thought might be following in the former president’s footsteps.”

Ball then made the argument that prosecuting the former president would not “solve our problem,” because she believed that DeSantis would be no “better.” This comment came about because the Florida governor has managed to start edging out Trump in recent polling when discussing the presidential nomination of the Republican Party for 2024.

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“I actually have no issue with Trump being prosecuted, and I have a lot of issue [sic] with elites being left unaccountable for the crimes that they commit, number one. Number two, that’s not going to solve our problem,” Ball went on to say.

“Do you think that Ron DeSantis is going to be way better than Donald Trump?” she then asked, probably not expecting Maher to answer the he way did.

“Yes, yes I do,” Maher interjected, which left Ball totally stunned.

Ball then offered a little push back, going on to insist that the Florida governor “clearly modeled himself in the footsteps of Donald Trump.”

“He’s not certifiably insane. That’s a great one to start off with,” Maher responded.

“You know what Ron DeSantis won’t be doing? He won’t be poop-tweeting every day. He won’t be, like, having feuds with Bette Midler on Twitter. He’s not an insane person,” he continued.

TheBlaze report then stated, “Maher has been making a lot of sense lately, something that doesn’t seem to go over very well with the Left. Some have even wondered if the liberal comedian has been ‘red-pilled,’ and, if so, will he get canceled, or is Bill Maher untouchable?”

It’s crazy to think that Bill Maher is slowly becoming a voice of balance and reason among the radical left. I don’t think anyone had that bad boy on their 2022 bingo card.

Perhaps a lot of folks are finally having their eyes opened to just how far down the toilet liberal ideology is taking us? If so, that’s great news. There is plenty of room on the freedom train for everyone.

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