Bill Maher Slams Repressive Woke Culture; It’s “So Soviet” And “Stalinist”

Bill Maher continues to push the envelope with yet another denouncement of the repressive “woke” culture, and Americans who fear that one wrong word could lead to them being canceled are listening.

On Saturday’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the liberal comic compared the political climate in America with the darkest days of Cold War paranoia, a period similarly marked by blacklists and the encouragement of snitching on others.

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The host correctly pointed out that that the increasingly dangerous “woke” inquisition has more in common with the old Soviet Union when it was run by the murderous dictator Joseph Stalin. A regime in which enemies of the ruling communist party were permanently “canceled” or shipped off to the gulags.


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I never thought I would live in an era, I remember watching movies about the fifties and the blacklist era when people would whisper that you were a communist and all it took was somebody informing on you and saying they saw you at a rally or some peace march and you were branded and your career was over and you were on the blacklist“, said Maher.

He continued, “People go to parties now and they don’t want to talk. They’re like, ‘Can I talk? I don’t know your girlfriend. She might be woke.’ Really. I’m not making this up.

People, this informant thing, it’s not just what you do, it’s what you don’t report. That’s another way the goalposts moved,” according to the comic.

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Maher then brought attention to the plight of Winston Marshall who plays guitar and banjo for the British folk group Mumford & Sons. Marshall was at least temporarily forced out of the band after he praised journalist Andy Ngo’s new book Unmasked. In the book Ngo provides an in-depth analysis of the domestic terrorist menace Antifa. An entity that is protected by Democrats, the media, and corporate America.

Following a social media swarming, Marshall announced that he was “taking time away from the band” and it is unknown when – or if – he will return.

This guy tweeted out that he liked a book, it’s a book called Unmasked, I never heard of it, you never heard of it, it’s apparently not favorable to Antifa so it’s criticizing Antifa, Ok, people write books. He tweeted out ‘finally had the time to read your important book, you’re a brave man’, to the author. Now he has to step away, everyone’s always stepping away from the band”, the incredulous Maher continued, “and this is his apology, again, so Soviet, ‘over the past few days I have come to fully understand the pain caused by the book I endorsed‘”.

Despite Ngo’s book being on Amazon’s bestseller list since its release last month, any criticism of Antifa is unacceptable to the ruthless cancel culture mob when it comes to their heroes.

Maher added, “it’s so Stalinist, you know what? How about I can read what I want?”

As a die-hard Democrat and a wealthy celebrity, Maher isn’t right on many things but when it comes to the cancerous “woke” cancel culture, he has consistently nailed it.

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