Bill Maher Unloads On Woke White Protesters For Pushing “Re-Segregation Of Sorts”

Bill Maher has once again shown that even a broken clock is right twice a day with an observation that were it made by a conservative, would have resulted in piercing shrieks of racism. 

The HBO host who is normally a reliable shill for the Democrats has challenged the SJW orthodoxy by pointing out that the mobs of angry protesters who are tearing down statues are actually doing harm to social justice causes. 


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One of the more curious aspects of the insurrection that exploited the death of George Floyd to advance the radical agenda of Black Lives Matter is that in many cases, the vast majority of the crowds turning out to protest are comprised of young white people. 

The young whites with their hostility to America, their intolerance for differing opinions and their harping about white privilege are not only presenting themselves as speaking for actual black people but their white shaming is in effect erasing decades of civil rights progress. 

According to Maher:, 

"I worry that the kind of tensions that the guardians of 'gotcha' are creating is going to make people afraid to mingle at all and thrust us back towards a resegregation of sorts, where instead of just seeing a person and not a color, now we’re only seeing color," 

"Maybe this is old-school liberalism talking, but I don’t think that’s the way to go."

The host/comic has frequently criticized the inflexible ideologues of the "woke" mob, the only high-profile celebrity liberal to risk their wrath by doing so. 

Via Mediaite, "Bill Maher Blasts White People ‘Culturally Appropriating’ Hating Racism ‘The Most":

Comic and talk host Bill Maher went after liberals again in Friday’s “New Rules” segment of his HBO show Real Time. In this case, over cancel culture and white liberals “signalling” their “virtue” through outrage.

“New rule: Black people have to demand that white people stop culturally appropriating how mad they are about racism,” said Maher. “It’s great that Caucasians have finally joined the fight against racism in unprecedented numbers, but – hating racism the most? You can’t steal that! Elvis taking Little Richard’s act, that was bad enough.”

Maher talked about the small looped ropes that were put up in a local park in Oakland, which went viral as “nooses” recently.

Though they weren’t nooses, according to the Black man who put them up, Oakland’s mayor wasn’t going to let that “cheat her out of a chance to signal her virtue,” said Maher. “Why is this white woman seeing racism where a Black man isn’t?”


“No wonder white people right now are acting like a nervous waiter on their first day. So scared of making a mistake they put a fork in your iced tea and a straw in your salad,” said Maher. “We don’t want to chant the wrong chant or hold the wrong sign. Please, it’s all we can do to clap on the right beat.”

“You want to be a good ally, but not too good or you’re being a ‘white savior.’ Use your voice, but don’t make it about yourself! But speak up! Unless it’s your time to just listen. And then silence is violence,” Maher continued, “even though sometimes silence just means someone works two jobs and has three kids. They have baby food on their shirt, not hate in their heart.”

“Instead of just seeing a person and not a color, now we’re only seeing color. Maybe this is old-school liberalism talking, but I don’t think that’s the way to go.

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Although he is an imperfect messenger, Maher gets it that the despicable practice of doxing one who dares to deviate from this dangerous cult in order to get them fired from their jobs by cowardly corporations isn't exactly a way to win hearts and minds. 

When you have lost Bill Maher, there is a serious problem for the resistance.