BOOM: Arizona Senate GOP Considering Expanding Ballot Audit to Encompass Entire State

Democrats lost their minds when Republicans who control the Arizona Senate voted to conduct an audit of all 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County during the 2020 election cycle.

They tried everything — lawsuits, public relations campaigns discrediting the audit, personal attacks on GOP lawmakers themselves, comparisons to Donald Trump — in order to stop the audit. Nothing worked and it is proceeding apace.

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But now, state Senate Republicans are considering expanding the audit to all ballots cast last fall throughout Arizona, so you can imagine how that’s going to go over with Democrats and their Stalinist authoritarians in the ‘mainstream’ media.

The Epoch Times reports:

Senators are considering hiring a California-based nonprofit to analyze ballot images to create a third set of numbers to compare with the tabulation from Dominion Voting Systems machines and the hand recount being done by Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based firm in charge of the current audit.

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If the plan is finalized, the Senate would pay $5,000. The rest of the money would be obtained through a grant or through private funding, Ken Bennett, the former Republican secretary of state who is the Arizona Senate’s liaison for the audit, told The Epoch Times.

The firm being considered is a nonprofit called Citizens’ Oversight. The firm was brought to the attention of the Senate by John Brakey, a Democrat who works for Audit USA and is working as Bennett’s assistant during the audit.

The nonprofit utilizes what its founder, Ray Lutz, says is an audit engine — a set of computers that tabulate results from every ballot for every contest before comparing those numbers to official records. In the end, a so-called discrepancy report is produced.

“Basically we do a total retabulation of the election,” Lutz told the outlet

That said, the audit is focused only on two races — the presidential election and a U.S. Senate race. The organization plans to utilize its technology to audit every race on the ballot.

Meanwhile, the audit and recount of the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County is moving slowly. Officials involved say that about 800,000 have been processed thus far and that the audit should be completed by the end of June.

What will it show — anything? Were President Donald Trump and his legal team correct in their allegations of widespread fraud? We don’t know at this point; whatever has been uncovered during the audit thus far has not been released. No leaks, either, so we really don’t have any idea what the CyberNinja auditors have discovered.

And finally, will it matter? What if, say, the audit uncovers enough fraud to change the election result from Joe Biden to Trump? The state has already certified its results — will it decertify them? Is that even possible?

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More likely, if the Arizona audit turns up enough fraudulent activity, then expect Republicans who control legislatures in additional battleground states to consider audits of their own. If those, too, turn up enough fraud to reverse presidential results, Democrats will be roundly exposed for having fought them every step of the way. Oh, and we’re going to have a legitimate constitutional crisis on our hands.

But this has to be done; Americans have to know whether they can trust their electoral system.

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