BOOM: Chris Pratt Hammers Woke Critics of “The Terminal List” with Epic Post

There’s a very, very obvious reason why leftist critics are so down on Amazon Prime’s hit show “The Terminal List” right now: it’s patriotic and takes aim at the sort of self-serving politicians that make their careers on the backs of veterans and their accomplishments overseas while those veterans suffer and the populace remains insouciant to their travails.

Instead of being down on America, it’s down on our political class and its misdeeds and shortcomings; greed, backstabbing, and the obvious shortcomings of our officer corps, intelligence community, financiers, and political class are put on full display while true patriotism and the men who embody it are championed.

And so the American people love it while critics look down their noses at it; the show has received awesome audience reviews, tons of positive comments on social media, and has been watched more than pretty much any other new show.

Critics, on the other hand, have attacked it, with some calling it too patriotic and others (falsely) claiming that it just isn’t very good. Among them is Daniel Fienberg of the The Hollywood Reporter. He, in a review as incorrect as it is incongruent with audience reviews, described The Terminal List as “the entertainment equivalent of a charred hockey puck, with the same limited range of flavor and aesthetics.

Those “aesthetics” that Fienberg was unimpressed with are a generally realistic depiction of what America’s warriors look like, both on and off the field of battle, and what America’s soft underbelly looks like as it schemes behind the protection afforded by those hard men.

In other words, the aesthetics are realistic, rather than being full of faux diversity and made up tales of trans, BIPOC women being the tip of the spear, so of course leftists hate it.

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Chris Pratt, the star of the show, however, hasn’t bent to the complaints of critics and attacks from the chattering class.

Instead, Pratt took to social media to share a link to a recent report in the Daily Mail that compares his hit show, The Terminal List, to Yellowstone, the other new show that’s popular right now (funny how audiences are watching shows about hard men doing hard things, whether they be SEALs or cowboys; looks like masculinity isn’t dead afterall).

The title of that article, which is what Pratt posted on his weekend Instagram stories, isproof enough that Frieberg and his ilk are in the wrong and the show is a terrific hit. That title reads: “The new Yellowstone: Chris Pratt’s new Navy thriller The Terminal List defies woke critics’ scathing reviews to shoot up ratings chart with 1.6 BILLION minutes of streams.

Pratt posted that epic title along with a meme of Dr. Evil with the caption, “One point six BILLLLLLLLLION minutes.

So yeah, the show is a hit and for good reason: it’s a show that portrays the trugh about America and those who live within it and protect it.

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