BOOM: Trump’s CPAC Speech TROUNCES Golden Globes Ratings, And It Wasn’t Even Close

In another positive sign that Americans are waking up, former President Donald J. Trump absolutely crushed Hollywood this week.

Trump’s show-stopping return to the political realm with a CPAC speech that brought down the house and put his enemies on notice was a ratings smash, drawing millions of viewers on social media and live streaming networks alone.

According to a quick search, you can see that Trump’s speech received well over 10 million views on YouTube ALONE!

RightSideBroadcasting – 3.8 million views

Fox News – 3.3 million views

Reuters – 965,000 views

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The Hill – 932,000 views

ABC News – 234,000 views

The Independent – 1.3 million views

That’s over 10,500,000 million views from just YouTube alone, not counting Facebook, Cable news networks and the hundreds of streaming platforms out there.

On the flip side, this year’s edition of the Golden Globes, another of those silly ceremonies where haughty celebrities bestow meaningless awards upon each other, crashed and burned in an epic fashion.

Sunday’s broadcast of the annual exercise in celebrity self-flattery was down an astounding 60 percent over last year and is on track to be the least-watched edition in the event’s history dating back to the earliest days of television.

The 78th edition of the ceremony clocked in at a miserable 5.42 million viewers, an indication that the left-wing politics and virtue signaling that permeate every single one of the awards shows is becoming increasingly tiresome to Americans who are wisely choosing to turn the channel on the sanctimonious Hollywood cultural elite.

More from The Hollywood Reporter, “TV Ratings: Golden Globes Crater, Headed for Multi-Year Low”:

Ratings for the Golden Globes crashed hard Sunday, with early numbers for the ceremony coming in far below last year’s telecast.

Fast national ratings — which aren’t fully time zone-adjusted and not entirely accurate — show NBC’s broadcast averaging just 5.42 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in the key ad demographic of adults 18-49. Both are down more than 60 percent from the preliminary figures from last year (14.76 million and 3.8).

The 2020 Golden Globes, which aired in early January and had an NFL playoff game as a lead-in, averaged 18.33 million viewers and a 4.7 in the 18-49 demographic in the finals.

The early numbers for Sunday don’t include viewing of the live show in the Pacific time zone or any out of home viewing. Those figures will be included in the final same-day tally released Tuesday morning and will likely push the numbers up some, but nowhere near enough to bring it up close to recent years.

The last time the Golden Globes had anywhere near this small an audience was in 2008, when the writers strike forced the cancellation of the usual star-packed ceremony. A televised press conference announcing the winners drew a little over 6 million viewers.

Other than that, the smallest previous audience for the awards since NBC acquired rights to the show was 14.86 million in 2009.

The show was the first that was done remotely after being knocked out of the usual California venues thanks to the failed coronavirus policies of Governor Gavin Newsom.

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Beset by controversy over complaints about the lack of black representation in the organization, this year’s edition featured the diversity of two white female co-hosts including Tina Fey, a star of the left ever since her SNL portrayal of Sarah Palin over a decade ago, and Amy Poehler.

Also featured was a nauseating acceptance speech by “woke” actor Mark Ruffalo who plays the Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Comics “Avengers” franchise and Sacha Baron Cohen whose lecture on “values” likely had many scrambling for the remote.

It was a miserable evening for host network NBC and another catastrophe for the once-popular awards shows that have chosen to alienate their audiences with their focus on divisive “woke” politics.

The real winner? Trump, by a landslide.

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