BOOM: Govenor DeSantis Gets Some Awesome News from Recent Poll

Florida Governor just got some excellent news in a recent poll, with it looking ever more likely that he’s going to blow his leftist competition to bits come November and sweep the election.

Specifically, a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research lab found two things: 1) Nikki Fried will almost certainly be DeSantis’ Democratic challenger and 2) DeSantis is going to blow her out of the bright blue Florida water.

As that polling service reported in a recently released summary of the poll results:

Registered voters who said they would vote in the general midterm election were asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, and the candidates were Ron DeSantis and Nikki Fried. Fifty percent of respondents said they would vote for DeSantis, with 43% indicating a vote for Fried, and 5% said they would vote for someone else. DeSantis also came out on top with 50% when asked the same question if the Democratic candidate was Charlie Crist, who had 42%, and 6% saying they would vote for someone else.

Val Demings came out on top in the head-to-head against Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate, with 48% indicating a vote for Demings and 44% for Rubio, with 7% saying they would vote for someone else.

“Fried and Crist are trailing behind DeSantis in head-to-heads,” Binder noted, “but both potential match-ups are much closer than they were when we polled registered voters in February, when DeSantis was up by over 20 percentage points. It is important to keep in mind that these are registered voters, and Republicans are generally more likely to turn out in November.”

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So DeSantis’ lead might have shrunk somewhat from when he was at the peak of his popularity and busy beating Disney senseless, teaching it a lesson it won’t soon forget, but he still hold a commanding lead, particularly given that polls tend to favor Democrats.

Further, he’s doing far better at fighting the Democrats than occasionally on point but usually quiet or “moderate” Senator Marco Rubio, who’s trailing in Democrat competitor in what’s sure to be a tight race.

Summing up those results in an easily digestible fashion, the Twitter account Interactive Polls tweeted out:


(R) DeSantis 50% (+7)
(D) Fried 43%

(R) DeSantis 50% (+8)
(D) Crist 42%

(D) Demings 48% (+4)
(R) Rubio 44%

And it wasn’t just the governor’s race that is looking bright for DeSantis. Among those polled by it, at least, DeSantis was beating out former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical primary matchup between the two, though most view the two as either acquaintances or friends rather than enemies, as the same poll reported, saying:

Registered Republicans were also asked who they would vote for in a hypothetical presidential primary in 2024 between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. Of those respondents,47% said they would vote for DeSantis and 45% for Trump; 7% said they would vote for someone else.

Relatedly, all respondents were then asked how they would characterize DeSantis and Trump’s personal relationship, to which 47% said acquaintances, 42% said friends, and just 8% said they think they are enemies.

An interesting poll, one that holds much good news for DeSantis even if it turns out to be off by a few points.

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