BOOM: NBA Star Enes Kanter Posts Pictures Of Blood-Stained Shoes To Blast Nike’s Cozy Relationship With China

The NBA, Nike and LeBron James love their very profitable relationship with the communists in China and they would hate to see anything disrupt that.

Enter Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter.

On Tuesday, Kanter posted images of blood-stained shoes while calling out Nike for using slave labor to make their shoes. The shoes read “Hypocrite Nike”, “Made With Slave Labor” and “Modern Day Slavery”.

“To the owner of Nike, Phil Knight,” tweeted Kanter.

“How about I book plane tickets for us and let’s fly to China together. We can try to visit these SLAVE labor camps and you can see it with your own eyes,” he added before calling out the cowardly LeBron James.

“LeBron James and Michael Jordan, you are welcome to come too,” Kanter concluded in his tweet.

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Look below:

Check out Kanter’s video message yesterday:

On Twitter, namaste master Mike Cernovich sarcastically baited Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow to support Kanter’s message:

What is your response to Kanter’s strong stance against the Chinese communists? Comment below…

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