BOOM: Trump Gets Even MORE Good News From 5 Key Battleground States

A brand new poll of 5 key battleground states spells even more doom for Joe Biden’s 2024 prospects.

A new internal poll of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia shows Trump now leading those states by double digits over Biden.

In their report, Fabrizio, Lee & Associates say, “In all five states, President Trump leads President Biden in a hypothetical 2024 ballot, has a significantly stronger job approval rating than Biden, and seen as better able to handle a host of key issues tested. Simply put, at this juncture battleground state voters want Donald Trump leading this country instead of Joe Biden.”

The poll shows Trump leading Biden by 10 points in Wisconsin, 12 points in Michigan, 6 points in Pennsylvania, 8 points in Arizona and 3 points in Georgia.

When voters were asked about specific issues, Trump mopped the floor with the elderly man currently occupying the White House:

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Biden is also underwater on two of his landmark initiatives:

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