BREAKING: Biden Set to Disappoint Leftists Again With Decision on Cabinet Picks

Joe Biden hasn’t even been officially named “president-elect” yet, but he’s already disappointed the far-left faction of the Democrat Party on multiple occasions.

And on Tuesday he appeared to do so again.


The left-wing extremist faction of the party wants Biden to fill his Cabinet with like-minded Marxists and socialists but thus far, his picks have been corporatists, lobbyists, and Obama retreads.

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Specifically, the leftists want him to give Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (Vt.) jobs – but the former vice president indicated he wants them to remain in the Senate, presumably where he believes they could do the most good.

Fox News reports:

Speaking with NBC News’ Lester Holt in his first interview since the Nov. 3 election, Biden said the two progressive senators – who ran their own unsuccessful campaigns for president – were key to helping pass his “very ambitious, very progressive agenda.” …

Biden has unveiled a spate of Cabinet picks over the past few days, Washington veterans with ties to former President Barack Obama’s administration. If confirmed to their new positions, many of Biden’s nominees would break gender and racial barriers.

The president-elect’s team includes Antony Blinken, a veteran foreign policy adviser, for secretary of State; Ron Klain for chief of staff; and former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary — a position that many Warren allies believed should go to the Massachusetts senator. (Warren called Yellen an “outstanding choice.”)

[Note: We are not referring to Biden as ‘president-elect’ because he’s not; the media has declared him so, not state electors].

“We already have significant representation among progressives in our administration,” Biden said. “There’s nothing really off the table. But there’s something critical: Taking someone out of the Senate, taking someone out of the House, particularly a person of consequence, is really a difficult decision that would have to be made.”

“I have a very ambitious, very progressive agenda. And it’s gonna take really strong leaders in the House and Senate to get it done,” Biden continued. “We still have a lot more appointments to make. I want this country to be united … We can’t keep this virulent political dialogue going.”

Gee – who’s going to be upset about this decision? Well, Sanders, for one.

Last week he began pushing to be Biden’s Labor secretary.

“I think something like secretary of Labor would be a very attractive position,” Sanders said. “It would give me the opportunity to fight to raise the minimum wage, to a living wage, equal pay for equal work for women, it would give me the opportunity to make sure that workers who are entitled to overtime pay get that overtime pay.”

But, Newsmax’s John Gizzi says:

Two weeks after Newsmax reported Bernie Sanders very much wanted to be secretary of labor in a Biden administration, sources close to organized labor and Joe Biden himself now say the Vermont senator and two-time Democrat presidential hopeful will stay where he is.

The same sources told us that several powerful union leaders with close ties to Biden made it clear they did not want Sanders — a self-styled a “democratic socialist” — as their voice in the Cabinet.

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AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka and American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees President Lee Saunders both reportedly told Biden “thumbs down” to Sanders.

Both are making little secret they want the next secretary of labor to be Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a one-time member of a construction trades union and a personal friend of Biden’s.

Maybe one of these days Sanders and his ‘Bernie Bros’ will tire of being lied to and used by the Democrat Party machine.