BREAKING: Electoral College Selects Joe Biden, But Here’s Why It’s NOT OVER YET

Moments ago, the Electoral College gave Biden the “270 votes” that he needed to be “elected President”, but this battle is far from over.

As you can see, the media SPRINTED to try to claim Biden as the “victor”:

However, as Fox News writer Kyle Becker points out, 7 total states will be sending TRUMP ELECTORS to Congress to contest the election results. This gives Trump the ability to fight for these electors in the coming weeks:

Ali Alexander of “StopTheSteal” pointed out the significance of what these electors did today:

As “The Election Wizard” points out on Twitter, this is not over until Congress debates the electors on January 6th:

Attorney Robert Barnes backs up this assertion:

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Listen to more of the significance of GOP electors from commentator Tim Pool:

Keep the faith, Deplorables. This is NOT OVER YET!

Stay tuned….

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