BREAKING: Facebook Announces New Company Name, And Wow

There has been speculation over the last few weeks that Facebook would eventually change it’s company name, and now we have received official word as to what it will be.

According to a brand new announcement by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is changing their company name to “Meta”. Yes, really. Here’s the breaking news from CNBC:

Extremely bizarre choice, but Zuckerberg is standing firm in his decision. Here’s a video of Zuckerberg explaining what he calls “The Metaverse”:

Here’s more:

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As pointed out by the AP, this could be a distraction after the latest troubles that the company has been facing:

“Skeptics point out that it also appears to be an attempt to change the subject from the Facebook Papers, a leaked document trove that has revealed the ways Facebook ignored internal reports and warnings of the harms its social network created or magnified across the world”

What is your reaction to this bizarre name change? Comment below…

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