BREAKING: Hunter Biden Used The “N-Word” Several Times In Bombshell Text Messages Obtained By The DailyMail

In what *should* be a nation-wide scandal (as it would be under Trump), Hunter Biden has been caught red-handed using the “n word” in private text messages.

These messages were obtained by the Daily Mail, and now they are making them available for the world to see. Ironically, these text messages have been released just days after his father Joe Biden put all of his focus into decrying the “Tulsa Race Massacre”.

The leaked text messages show the president’s son joking in a January 2019 text to corporate attorney George Mesires about a ‘big p*nis’. He also told the lawyer: ‘I only love you because you’re black’ and ‘true dat n***a’.

Here’s more from the Daily Mail, including the shocking screenshots:

“Text messages obtained by reveal Hunter Biden used the n-word multiple times in banter with his lawyer. The president’s son, 51, flippantly addressed corporate attorney George Mesires, who is white, by the racial slur, with phrases including ‘true dat n***a’

In a December 2018 conversation, Hunter asked Mesires: ‘How much money do I owe you. Because (sic) n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.’

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In another chat a month later, Hunter cracked jokes about his penis and then told Mesires ‘I only love you because you’re black’

‘It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity,’ the Chicago lawyer replied

The damning texts have emerged just days after his father, President Joe Biden gave a speech decrying racism on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre

Biden has sought to portray racial justice as a top priority for his administration.

Hunter also saved a meme with a photo of his father hugging Barack Obama with a caption describing a joke conversation

‘Obama: Gonna miss you, man Joe: Can I say it? Just this once? Obama: *sigh* go ahead Joe: You my n***a, Barack’

Here is a screenshot of the messages:

This is still a developing story. Stay tuned for more…

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