For months, Democrats have been using the Coronavirus to scare people to death. They pushed lockdowns and “social distancing” at every turn.

The far-left Governor of CA wants to cancel Thanksgiving and “limit” loud talking and signing.

However, now that the left has prematurely crowned Biden as “President-elect”, their fear has apparently evaporated! Make no mistake, we still believe in President Trump’s ability to fight this fraud election in court, but the networks are celebrating like it’s certain.

In several big cities, liberals are celebrating in the streets without masks and SHOUTING to the skies in celebration!

Watch below as they gather in large crowds, shout like crazy and get in tight spaces (no social distancing!):

This makes it very clear…

The Coronavirus was nothing more than POLITICAL THEATER used by the left.



"The Coca Cola company is not happy with me -- that's okay, I'll still keep drinking that garbage" -Donald J. Trump