BREAKING: New Trump Approval Poll Will Absolutely Stun Democrats

Democrats and RINOs would love to truthfully say that, as President Donald Trump’s first term comes to an unconventional end, that he’s the most loathed, most unpopular occupant of the Oval Office ever.

They’d love to say that. But the problem is, they can’t – not with a straight face, anyway.

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According to Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, President Trump’s job approval rating stands at 48 percent – not 38 or 28 percent that an ‘insurrectionist’ like he supposedly is would normally rank.

That high rating really isn’t a surprise when you think about it. Trump has retained a high level of support from his very fervent supporters through it all: Phony ‘Russian collusion’; the fake first impeachment; the daily outrages from the left; the COVID-19 pandemic; and now a second impeachment, the charges of which are also being premised on lies.

In fact, while we don’t have a crystal ball here, what ‘they’ are doing to the president yet again will probably only harden support for him among his core constituency, which has expanded by millions of people since he was first elected in 2016.

So maybe persecuting this president, if in fact the objective is to get Americans to dislike him, isn’t the best strategy?

Maybe. But in all actuality, there isn’t a good strategy because regardless of what the president’s political enemies do, they’re just not going to peel away his wide, deep base. 

Attacking him all of the time, however, and fabricating reasons to pursue charges and actions against him, is a sure loser, obviously.

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Here’s something else that won’t bode well for the Trump haters and the incoming Biden administration: Less than one-quarter of all Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction, according to Rasmussen – and that figure is falling.