BREAKING: Private Funded Vets Take Matters into Their Own Hands, Will Go and Save Americans in Afghanistan as Biden Leaves Them Stranded

When you have a lame duck President, you have to take matters into your own hands. After Biden has left thousands to die in Afghanistan, that’s exactly what a team of Veterans are doing in order to rescue as many Americans as they possibly can.

Here’s the breaking scoop from Jack Posobiec:

Here are more details about the mission that is being called “Pineapple Express” from ABC:

With the Taliban growing more violent and adding checkpoints near Kabul’s airport, an all-volunteer group of American veterans of the Afghan war launched a final daring mission on Wednesday night dubbed the “Pineapple Express” to shepherd hundreds of at-risk Afghan elite forces and their families to safety, members of the group told ABC News.

Moving after nightfall in near-pitch black darkness and extremely dangerous conditions, the group said it worked unofficially in tandem with the United States military and U.S. embassy to move people, sometimes one person at a time, or in pairs, but rarely more than a small bunch, inside the wire of the U.S. military-controlled side of Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Read the full report here…

Posobiec also foreshadowed that more information about this special operation would soon come to light:

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This is still a developing story. Stay tuned for more…