Queen Elizabeth’s medical team has expressed concerns about her health status as she recently clocked 96 and celebrated her platinum jubilee earlier this year. Buckingham Palace also announced that her doctors recommended that she be placed under strict medical supervision.

A spokesman from Buckingham Palace said, “Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision. The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral.”

Following this announcement, the new prime minister of the United Kingdom expressed her concerns via Twitter. She wrote, “The whole country will be deeply concerned by the news from Buckingham Palace this lunchtime. My thoughts — and the thoughts of people across our United Kingdom — are with Her Majesty The Queen and her family at this time.”

Although Buckingham Palace noted that she is comfortable and is currently resting at Balmoral Castle, there’s still a great concern in the air about Her Majesty. More so, some of her family members, including the Dutchess of Cornwall, Camilla, Prince Charles, and Prince Williams, are also reported to be making their way to the castle to be with the Queen.

The Castle where Her Majesty is reportedly resting is located in her country estate in the Scottish Highlands. The Queen has always described this location as her favorite place to be and visits the castle every year with her family during the holidays.

Before this health announcement, the Queen experienced a full day of activities on Tuesday. She spent the day at her residence in Scotland and oversaw several activities, including the transfer of power to Truss.

After that overwhelming day, her doctors advised her to take a break because strenuous activities like that can affect her health, and she obliged.

The Palace released said in a statement on Wednesday, “After a full day yesterday, Her Majesty has this afternoon accepted doctors’ advice to rest. This means that the Privy Council meeting that had been due to take place this evening will be rearranged.”

For over a year now, the Queen has reportedly been experiencing some mobility issues and has been moving around with the help of a cane.

Journalist Padraig Belton also expressed his concerns via Twitter as he prayed to God to save the Queen. He tweeted, “Just a flashback to when Queen Elizabeth became the first UK monarch in 100 years to visit Ireland, laid a wreath in the Garden of Remembrance, wore green, visited Croke Park, chatted with fishmongers, spoke Irish. Her very best ever state visit said Mary McAleese. God save her.”

The Queen has been relaxing her duties and handing the responsibilities over to the future King, Prince Charles. Prince Williams has also taken on more responsibilities, making several appearances as a senior royal. Queen Elizabeth II officially made history as England’s longest reigning British monarch in 2015, as she has been on the throne for 70 years.

In the end, it seems the Queen’s condition is serious. However, a lot of people across the globe are offering prayers for her to come back stronger.


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